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One Squall Equals A Fatal Flaw

In the hotel, neither Peyton nor Lucas is sleeping. She's playing with a bracelet. He turns his head and says, "Hey? What you got?" Peyton fiddles with her silver charm bracelet, holds it up in the air, and then reads, "'To my heart, love Daddy.'" She turns to Lucas and continues, "He gave it to me for my last birthday." Only as of last episode, he had missed her last birthday, so he had given her oil paints to make up for it, but whatever -- maybe he had shipped this to her in the mean time? Or maybe the writers are careless and can't remember what's happened from episode to episode and are convinced we're just as dumb. Ha! (Insert evil maniacal laughter here). They don't know it's my job to pay attention to the details. Buggers. Anyway. Blah, Peyton's worried, blah what if it's him, blah Luke reassures her, blah she doesn't know what she'd do, blah. Blah, blah, blah bonding. Peyton: "Why is it that every time things are going well, something terrible happens?" Spoken like a true pessimist. Lucas quietly says, "You don't know that it has." Only he drags out the word "has" like it sounds like "haaazzzz." He makes the words as long as the stare he's giving her. I'm trying not to fall asleep, this scene is so boring and typical. Lucas tells her to keep the bracelet close to her heart. I'm hoping that it slips, bores down deep, and that Peyton wakes up almost bleeding to death and Luke has to save her. As farfetched and ridiculous as that sounds, it's far better than what's going on here. Can they just get to the dead body already so we can all know that it's not Peyton's dad so they these two can make out and we can just keep moving on -- because the faux tragedy every other episode with Peyton and Luke is getting hella tired. Peyton rolls over and tries to sleep.

Deb is sitting by herself in a dark living room when Dan comes in carrying some blankets and a pillow. He says, "You can sleep in the bedroom. I'll sleep out here tonight." Deb looks at her husband and asks, "Has it ever once bothered your conscience that our entire relationship is based on your lie?" When Dan's knee stopped his college career, they both dropped out. He says, "We both dropped out to raise Nathan." He snaps, "Don't rewrite history." Deb lets out a sarcastic laugh: "Oh, so you're the only one who can play that game?" Dan squints at her. Deb continues, "I thought I knew the man I was choosing to spend my life with." Dan tries to be sincere: "The injury was real, Deb." Is he trying to convince himself or her? He says, "And yes, I decided not to rehab it, at first. By the time I changed my mind, it was too late." He sits down and continues, "I did it in service of you and Nathan. Now I know how you'd hold it against me for not telling you." Deb looks at him like he's the Devil, real and true, sitting there on her couch. I'm always amazed at the range and depth of human emotion -- how you can go from loving someone so much to hating them in the span of one television moment. Dan continues, "But did you ever think that maybe I did it to protect you from it all?" Is Deb really buying this load of crap? His knee blew out so he couldn't play basketball; it's not like he had cancer or, hell, even like he was telling Deb he had another son, for goodness's sake. Deb's not buying Dan's crap: "If that's what you need to believe." Dan tries again: "It's the truth." He's the boy who cried basketball. No one believes a thing Dan says these days. Deb: "The truth? In this house?" And with that, she walks away, leaving Dan by himself on the cold couch with the cool realization that all the lies he's built up around him have now finally come to the light. How can he start to live again now?

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