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There's a knock at the door the next morning. Peyton yells at Nathan to get the door, only the knock is rather persistent. She gets up and sees through the wall of really nice-looking glass doors that it's Tim-Tim, the groveling king. She opens the door and asks him if he brought her car back. Tim tells her he didn't take her car, but Nathan gets to the door and gives him the eyes -- code for "please lie to Peyton and save my ass because you owe me, dude." Tim stumbles around for a bit, but Peyton doesn't buy it. "Where the hell is my car?"

Luke's doing his own kind of penance. He's digging out the broken pipe. Karen comes out, and then hides behind a bush. Heh. I always get a kick out of the pregnancy-hiding techniques of television. It's like they want us to believe without question that the two boys are the same age, but they won't just put her pregnancy out in the open, because we're smart -- we could probably just ignore that too. She asks him if he's calm enough to talk. Luke apologizes to his mother for being "pissed." He comes around and sits on the steps: "Well, the truth is I'm the reason why you never got what you wanted, so that kind of nullifies my right to complain." Karen sits down beside him: "Is that what you think? I got exactly what I wanted, Lucas. Everyone seems to think I'm some sort of victim, but I chose this." Blah Dan, Nathan, blah should have helped her out, blah she's glad he never offered, blah didn't know what she would have said, blah would have been a bigger price to pay, blah given them money, blah he could have had a say. Luke nods as his mother says, "You've seen how Nathan's turned out." She takes a sip of coffee. Luke says, "Like father like son." Karen continues, "And who do you think we should be feeling sorry for?"

Dan comes back from his run. Because he's not aggressive enough. Deb tells him Nathan's still not home. Dan doesn't seem concerned. In fact, he tells her to give it a rest, because according to Dadzilla, Nathan's a responsible, disciplined kid. Huh. Well. Isn't he just surprised to find out that Keith just called him? And that's right, he told Deb the whole story about Nathan crashing Peyton's car and just walking away, leaving Lucas to clean up the mess. Now, there's responsibility for you. Dan says curtly, "I'll talk to him." Deb replies, "You'll talk to him. Is that all you have to say?" What does she want from him? Deb doesn't know, but one thing she knows for sure -- the two of them have gotten a little too comfortable when she's not around. What's up? Deb's not going to travel any more for work; she's going to stay home and make sure the asshole doesn't grow too out of control. You go Deb. Dan just looks at her, "Come on, Deb, you don't have to do this." She says smartly, "I don't have to or you don't want me to?" Nathan walks in at that moment. He doesn't say hello, he doesn't greet either of his parents; he just says snottily, "What?" Oh, buddy, you don't even know half of what's coming your way.

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