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The House of the Rising Mom

Luke walks into Keith's garage. He hangs his head low. Keith jokes, "You're still alive. I guess you didn't tell your mom about your little crime spree yet, did you?" Luke leans on Peyton's car: "This morning. She's thinking about my punishment right now." Keith says, "Good. Recognize that car over there? The owner got your note. I convinced him not to press charges. Let's get to work so we can start billing people again." Luke thanks his uncle, nods his head, then turns and notices Nathan coming into the shop. He calls out, "What do you want?" Keith answers, "I suspect his parents sent him." Luke turns to Keith and says, "You told them?" Well, Keith says, Luke might be willing to let Nathan get away with it, but he sure as heck wasn't about to. "Try not to kill each other, girls." Luke walks toward Nathan, who says coolly, "Peyton wants to know when she's going to get her car back." Luke replies, "When it's fixed." Nathan: "How much is the work going to cost?" Luke snaps, "I don't know. A lot. Why?" Nathan wants Luke to give him the invoice when the work's done; apparently, Dan will write a cheque. Luke won't take the money. Nathan shakes his head: "Didn't you hear me, we'll pay you." Luke insists, "You want to pay me? Stay away from me." Nathan shakes his head, turns to leave, and mutters, "Suit yourself." Luke follows him: "Whatever you're up to, stay the hell away from Haley." Nathan replies, "We were just talking, man, you know, like you and Peyton." Then he walks away, without having to do any work or take any real responsibility for what he did.

Nathan shows up at Peyton's, looking rather humble. He tells her that her car will be ready on Friday. Funny, that's not what Luke said; in fact, he never gave Nathan any specific information about when the car would be ready. Peyton says, "The bag by the door is yours, take it." He asks her what's going on; then he notices that there's a necklace he gave her in the bag. He says that he gave it to her. She cracks, "You mean the leash, no thanks." Nathan throws the bag on the bed, leans down to where she's sitting, and says, "Peyton, come on, my mom's going to cool down and everything'll be back to normal." She gets up and moves out from under the hand he placed on her shoulder: "Trust me. The last thing I want with us is normal. In case you haven't noticed, normal sucks with us, Nathan." He snits, "Is this about your car? 'Cause I'm taking care of that." She shouts, "It's not about the car. I finally saw you clearly last night. The way you treated me, the way you treated Tim, the way you treated your brother!" Nathan: "Don't call him that!" Peyton: "And the way you're playing that girl." Nathan: "What? Are you talking about Haley? Is that what this is about? Peyton, she means nothing." Buzz. Wrong answer, buddy. Peyton yells, "Okay, if that's the case, you're an ass, and if she does mean something then you're really an ass. And what's really sad, Nathan, is that you're too stupid to get that." She thanks him for being such an incredible son of a bitch and for making it a "no-brainer." He tries to walk out the door, saying something silly like he'll call Peyton when she's not so "PMS'd." Peyton says, "Don't bother, I mean it, we're done. So get the hell out." He stands there dumbfounded. She throws the bag at him: "I mean it! Get the hell out." Nathan leaves, and Peyton falls on her bed.

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