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The House of the Rising Mom

Later that night, Nathan contemplates what happened as he looks at the necklace.

Haley lies on her bed thinking.

Peyton draws more comics.

Luke sits in her car at the garage and reads her comic strip.

It must be the next day. Luke comes into Karen's Café as Haley's cleaning the counters. She says, "Hey! I'm glad to see you, I was beginning to think you were avoiding me." He doesn't say anything, so Haley keeps talking: "Luke. I was just trying to help and then you jumped down my throat." He still doesn't say anything. So, again, she carries on, with guilt as heavy in her actions as it is in her words: "We've always been able to talk about stuff, you know. I just had this great idea that if you could see things from Nathan's side." She squeezes some water at him: "You're just a big pain in the butt sometimes." He smiles, for a second. Then he says ironically, "At least we can still be honest with each other." Haley says, "Yeah, at least." He asks pointedly, "So if anything were going on with you, anything weird or confusing, you would still be honest with me, right?" She agrees. He tosses the hat on the counter. And looks at her in such a way that her heart breaks into a thousand pieces. "You left that in Peyton's car." He taps the counter, turns around, and then leaves. Haley just stands there, looking after him, obvious amounts of pain in her face. Wow, it looks like precious few relationships came out of this week unscathed. Finally, a decent episode, hurrah!

Next week, welcome the melodramatic crap back as Peyton comes to terms with the death of her mother by repeating bad patterns, well, by driving like a maniac and almost getting herself killed.

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