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The House of the Rising Mom

Nathan drops Haley off at home. She wisecracks, "Yeah, this is my house, we're staying here while we renovate the big mansion." Nathan laughs, "It's not like I was trying to show off." She snaps, "Isn't that your default setting?" He laughs awkwardly again, and Haley apologizes. They sit in the car for a minute. He asks, "Can I be honest with you?" She inhales, "I don't know, you tell me." Here, take note, Nathan seems almost human: "What I said at the beach, that was a lie. I'm really lucky to have basketball. It's pretty much my shot at everything from now on. If I lose it, it's over for me." But you know what, Nathan, there will come a point in your life where it won't be everything and it won't be all over for you -- you just have to keep that in mind so you don't turn out like your father. Haley says, "So, don't lose it." With his grades, he's close to being ineligible to do the one thing he's actually good at. Nathan: "It's not just my life, it's my dad's too. It's like he's still got something to prove to Whitey." Blah if he screws it up, blah it'll destroy Dan, blah it'll destroy Nathan blah. And he applies more pressure, taking no notice of Haley's wounds: "I know it's just going to complicate things with Lucas, but I really need your help." She promises to find him someone else. Nathan wants her because she's the best, and she won't tear him down. "It's not exactly easy having everybody know you're failing. It's you or nobody else." Haley looks like she might cry. Then she gives in -- she'll get him through the semester and then he's got to be on his own. Before she leaves the car, she tells him one more time to lay off Lucas. But wait, she's forgotten her hat! Don't worry, kiddies, it's not actually a continuity mistake; it's a point of the plot development. And it's juicy!

Luke drives the tank of a tow truck around town. He pauses for a second, but notices Peyton's car ripping through the middle of town. He gives chase, because he thinks it's Peyton. Really loud music plays, obviously one of Peyton's "lame" choices. Nathan leans down to turn it off, and the car careens out of control. It grazes another car at top speed, almost ripping the door off and sparking like a firecracker. Nathan scrambles to gain control, but the car only comes to a stop after it rams into a telephone poll. Nathan tries to start the car over and over again as Lucas comes roaring up behind them in the truck. He jumps out, screaming, "Peyton, are you okay?" Nathan gets out, feeling cocky and self-assured despite the fact that he just trashed his girlfriend's car. "Yeah, she's fine. Can't say the same for her car though." And just when you thought there might actually be a good kid underneath all the bravado and false confidence. Nathan reaches into the back of the car and grabs his beer. He snits, "And what the hell are you doing following my girlfriend?" Lucas defends himself: "I wasn't. I thought she was driving after she'd been drinking." Nathan starts to walk away. "Where are you going?" Well, he's going back to the party -- dumb-ass. Lucas: "Are you going to leave her car like this?" Nathan: "Yeah, and if you stand there, you can watch me." Lucas: "You know this is a crime, right?" Nathan: "So call the cops." Lucas: "Nathan, you can't walk away from this. I saw you do it." Nathan: "No, you didn't, because I was with Tim the whole time, which is what he'll say when they ask him." Pause. "He owes me." Pause. "So it looks like it's your word against ours, and you can guess how that'll go down." Luke takes a step forward, blah what about Peyton, blah your girlfriend blah, you're going to lie, blah walk away, blah the car's registered in her name blah. Nathan sees this as his golden moment: "Yeah, and just like you said, she was really drunk when you last saw her, maybe she did this." Pause. "But then again, all I see is a wrecked car, and you." With that, Nathan starts the long walk home to the land of his people, where all the other irresponsible assholes reside, the "right" side of town.

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