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The Things Rule The Earth
TPTB seem to be inspired by Memento, as we open this week with a grey Volkswagen Beetle -- one of the new ones, not a classic -- barreling down a backcountry road. Peyton's brand of loud music blares. She's driving, and I'm just going to come right out and tell you that it's Brooke's car. Haley's in the passenger seat, enacting some of the most embarrassing air guitar I've ever seen in my life. Shut up, Haley's air guitar. Peyton's head bobs. Both girls are smiling. Haley squishes up her face like she's really enjoying the music. The air guitar switches to air drums, and she screams, "Come on baby." Peyton giggles.

Somewhere in the middle of the forest, Nathan and Luke -- together -- run toward a parked car. Nathan's wearing Luke's sweatshirt. You know, the grey one with Scott's Body Shop on the back. They race into the car, Nathan into the driver's seat and Luke into the passenger side. It feels very, very late at night. They start the car.

The silence talks to her like her empty, broken home, and this bothers Peyton, so she says, "We need some music." Of course, she leans toward the backseat. Of course, the car swerves out of control. You know, Peyton might just be the worst driver in the whole fake world. Haley screams, "Peyton!" She grabs the wheel and rights the vehicle onto the road. Please, will someone just let Peyton crash already so she can smarten the hell up? Anyway. Brooke surfaces from the backseat. She looks very discombobulated. She says, "Where the hell are we?" Haley answers, "Miles from normal." Brooke leans her head between the two seats and whisper-says, "What is she doing here?" Peyton laughs and says, "You invited her." Both she and Haley laugh. Peyton turns up the music.

Luke looks out the window as the tires of the car spin into the mud. He and Nathan look at one another and say, in unison mind you, "Bail!" They open their respective doors and bolt out of the car as fast as they flew into it. They leave the car doors open and race down the dirt road.

Peyton lets Haley pick the next CD. The car races along. The headlights come upon Nathan and Lucas in the road. Luke's lip is bleeding and they both look like they've been fighting. The car stops. Peyton says, "Could this night get any freakier?" Nathan's eye is bruised. Both boys are quite tall in terms of television boys. Haley says, "Nathan with Lucas?" Luke says, "Haley with Peyton?" Brooke bitches, "What the hell is going on?" Nathan scrunches up his forehead like the whole concept of seeing his girlfriend with his tutor is just too much too handle. His brain is on information overload. No offense, but he sort of looks like a monkey when he makes that face.

A black screen fades in. "12 Hours Earlier."

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