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Dan blows serious steam out of his ass at the dinner. Blah Scott Motor Company, blah regional leader, blah big talker, blah bullcrap blah. There's one other couple at the table. The husband asks, "So you two are in business together?" Dan replies, "Ah, no, Keith runs a garage." Keith smarts, "I fix the junk that he sells." Dan goes on with some crap about realizing his dream because of Keith's lack of initiative. Keith says sarcastically, "Oh. Was it really my influence, Dan? Because I thought it was Deb's money that bankrolled your dream." Dan laughs uncomfortably, trying to save face. Blah Deb's father, blah leap of faith, blah investment, blah back tenfold blah. "And every good businessman knows it's a long road from seed money --" The other fellow cuts in, "To profits." Dan points his finger: "To profits, exactly." Wow, I'm surprised his arrogance hasn't oozed out onto their main course; it's certainly seeping its way into all of their clothes. What hogwash. Karen and Deb sit there quietly. Dan says derogatorily, "So, Keith, you can talk about being a self-made man, but made into what?" That's Keith's cue to excuse himself from the table. Wow, Dan just doesn't know how to shut the hell up. I'm so shocked that the adult in the show, the father, the successful businessman, seems more messed up than any of the teenagers. How do you get that far into your life and never deal with any of your issues? How has he not had a heart attack or something?

The game of reverse strip poker has just about ended. There's only one key left. Of course, it's the car key. Thing says, "Give us the car key, we'll give you the shirt." Nathan says, "I can live without my shirt." And just like that, he chucks the key deep into the woods. The Things watch it like a tennis ball at Wimbledon. Just before he and Luke run away, he says, "Have fun walking." Thing says to Thing 1 and 3, "Just find the key. I'm going to kill those guys."

Peyton and Haley walk slowly back to gas station. We're deep into Breakfast Club territory now. All the roles have been decided, popular girl, smart girl, pretty, stoned girl -- wait, was there one of those? Anyway. Now it's time for the bonding. Haley asks quietly, "What did you mean before, about Nathan, and you said be careful." Peyton replies, "I just know him, that's all." Haley: "As said the ex-girlfriend." Peyton: "Look, we were crazy with drama, but I'm over it. He's not a complete waste; he's just really threatened by Lucas. It could all just be a big mind game, that's how he works." She pauses for a second and then asks Haley, "Do you like him?" Haley stumbles around the question for a while: "We talk about stuff. You know what I mean." Like what? "School, homework, his dad." Peyton rolls her eyes: "Daddy sure did a number on his boy, right?" Haley says quietly, "Yeah, both of them." Peyton changes the subject: "So, you didn't answer my question, do you like him?" Haley says honestly, "It doesn't matter. It would be too weird around Lucas." Peyton answers just as truthfully, "That's his problem. You've got a life to live too." Haley: "It just seems so selfish." Peyton: "Why? Did he ask you if he could go out with me?"

Now, don't start hurling things at your screens, but I take Peyton's point of view here. I've never understood the idea of letting friendships suffer because of stuff like this, just like Peyton is sort of saying; if you're friends, that bond should be able to withstand dating someone your friend hates -- but I know this show can't have everyone just getting along next week, so we're back into the ridiculous mentality that if you date someone who's a mortal enemy, you can never be friends again. And Peyton's also right -- why should Haley have to suffer her happiness just because Luke can't stand Nathan? When Luke's obviously not prepared to do the same when it comes to Peyton. For once, the girls are portrayed as mature and reasonable; usually they're about to get into some catty wickedness right about now. Anyway. Haley asks, "Did he ask you out?" Peyton laughs, "No! But that's not the point. He wouldn't ask permission, so why should you." Haley wants to know what Peyton would say if he did ask. She replies, "It depends on what song is playing, am I in a good mood when he asks, is he smiling or is he doing that goofy, brooding thing he does." Heh. Haley turns to face Peyton: "Oh, you know I think he's definitely doing the brooding thing!" They laugh about how he makes that face all the time. Haley continues, "It's strange, a night away from school, it feels like you and I actually live on the same planet." Peyton: "It plays tricks on you like that." An owl hoots in the background. Heh. An owl, that's a nice touch. At least it's not a claw scraping and Brooke's not dead like in some bad teen-slasher flick. Here, the night's all innocent and stuff; the only thing it's changing is the strange border that exists between different groups of people during high school.

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