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The Things Rule The Earth

Keith's sitting in the hotel bar with some whiskey. You go, Keith, way to drown your sorrows, buddy. Way to leave Karen at the table with Dan and Deb all by herself; probably not the best way to win her heart. Anyway. Deb comes into the room and asks him if she can "bankroll" another drink for him. Keith apologizes for dragging Deb into his pissing match with his brother. Deb says Dan's got a gift for that sort of thing. Then she says, "You know," and she sits down, "you and Karen really go nicely together." Man, I like Deb more and more each week; she's a supremely decent human being. Keith takes a sip of his drink: "I don't think she sees me that way." Deb: "How do you see her?" Keith replies, "She's amazing. She's strong and she's beautiful, and you know, she's a great mother to Lucas." Pause. Deb leads him on with a quiet, "So?" Keith answers, "A relationship would just complicate things." He asks why she stays with Dadzilla. We're hoping it's because he drugs her, but instead, it's a fair answer -- she still catches a glimpse of the boy she fell in love with every now and again. But on the whole, she just doesn't know, but she's also got Nathan to consider. In another wholly good-hearted way, Deb jokes, "Come on, let's go rescue Karen." I think they've done such a good job with the character; she truly balances out Dan's evilness. He seems even more damaged now that you know he must have been a different person before, because Deb's so cool that she couldn't have fallen in love with a complete asswipe.

Nathan and Luke hide in the woods and watch the Things search in vain for their key. Luke says, "I can't believe you sucker-punched me." Nathan returns, "I had to, it got us out of there, didn't it?" Luke takes off his sweatshirt and gives it to Nathan so he doesn't freeze his ass off. Luke says, "What's your master plan, genius, going to hotwire the car?" Nathan smirks, "Nope. Those idiots are going to flip out with they find the key chain with no car key." Hell, we've got to give Nathan some credit; he's quite smart in situations where he and his brother have gotten kidnapped by Things and are stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Damn! The gas station's closed and the phone's still not working. Peyton says, "What are we going to do?" They focus their attention on pickup parked near the end of the lot.

Nathan and Luke scheme up a plan. Nathan says they'll get the car, drive into town, find a phone, and ditch the car. Luke wants to know what they'll do if the Things report it stolen. Nathan: "I kind of think the cops got the license plate before, right." Exactly. Blah they pull them over, blah pin anything on them blah. Nathan counters, "What if we sit here and talk about all it night? Got any better ideas?" Luke sighs, "I'll drive." Nathan says no, he will.

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