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The Things Rule The Earth

Karen holds an ice pack to Keith's face. He says, "I can't believe I let him get to me like that." Yeah, exactly, blah they both should know better blah. Keith says drunkenly, "You should be able to count on me. It's like I can see the guy I am in my head, and I see the guy I want to be, and there's just, it's not the same." Karen says gently, "That's okay, Keith, I like who you are, and I do count on you." She moves his feet onto the couch after she puts his hand to the ice pack, and then gets up to spread a blanket over him. "Can I tell you a secret?" Sure, he says. "Lucas called tonight a date." Keith laughs. "And for a while, I pretended that it was, and it felt good." Keith says, "Can I tell you a secret?" Of course. "I pretended that too." Aw, my heart's breaking here, guys -- so cute! Karen smiles warmly. He takes a deep breath and says, "I love you. Always have." And then he passes out. And Karen's mouth drops open. Wonder whose baby it is she's carrying then? Ha, just kidding. That was a very sweet scene -- well done, guys. No anvils dropped out of the sky, nothing felt forced; it was just one lovely man telling the woman he's always loved, but was too afraid to say anything to, how he truly feels. Man, it makes you wish that sort of stuff happened in real life; it's just like a fairy tale.

Blah air guitar, blah laughing, blah air drums blah. Brooke sits in the backseat with a towel wrapped around her ears. Haley says, "Nice! What's next?" Peyton replies, "I don't know, you pick." Brooke Molly-Ringwalds forward and says, "This is so tragic. You guys don't actually think you're going to be friends tomorrow, do you?" Well, that brings the mood down. Haley takes a deep breath and looks out the window.

Nathan and Luke walk the long road home. At least they're not fighting anymore, but they are still on the same two or three topics they've been on all night. Luke says, "Look, this Haley thing, for some reason she feels like you're not full of crap. Don't take advantage of that." Nathan defends himself: "I'm not going to." Luke: "I know you're not, because if you do you're going to live to regret it." Nathan: "Bring it on." Then he stops and says, "Hey, listen, look, man, you didn't have to get in that car when those guys grabbed me, especially when you warned me not to." Luke tells him to forget it; then he pays Nathan an odd compliment: "If they'd have taken you out, who else am I going to fight with." They carry on down the road, but hear a car coming. Poised for battle, they stand in the middle of the road and wait for the Things -- only it's Peyton, Haley, and Brooke.

No one talks on the way home with Nathan, Brooke, and Lucas in the backseat as Peyton drives. Luke's voice-over at the end says, "As happens sometimes when a moment's settled and hovered and remained, for much more than a moment." Cut to the next day when Haley sees Peyton and Brooke walk by at school, and her face first lights up with expectation, then falls with the realization that that night changed nothing. "And then stopped for much, much more than a moment." Peyton turns around, but Haley leaves before they can share anything more than the thought of a look, and the reality about their situations, their stations, their groups, their roles, sits on Haley's pretty face. We cut back to the car driving down the road in the dark night. "And the moment's gone."

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