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The Tree Hill High sign announces that the team will be playing an away game tonight at 7:30 against the Pickerington Pirates. Then it screams, "Go Ravens!" Because basketball rules in this town, in case you haven't noticed. The kids mill about, holding hands, wearing jeans, doing teenager stuff. Haley comes up to Luke and says, "Hey stranger!" Luke quips, "No stranger than you." She harrumphs. Then she throws her hands up in the air. Luke asks, "Did you get my message last night?" She says no, because she was at the library until late studying for midterms. Luke asks cockily, "Yours or Nathan's?" Haley replies, "Both actually." He snarks, "Good luck with that." Then she turns to face him and they stop walking. "You're cool with this, right? Last week, when you said you didn't trust me --" Luke cuts her off: "I know, I didn't mean that, I meant that I don't trust Nathan." Peyton saunters up: "Hey, you got a second?" Haley whines, "Speaking of," and then disappears. Peyton raises her eyebrows. Shut up, Peyton's eyebrows. She continues, "So, last week sucked. But I just wanted to say thanks." She hands him a CD that she burned, illegally -- do you think someone's going to come down and arrest her? Please, please have someone come down and arrest her for music pirating. It's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of, but it would be worthy of her character. Anyway. Luke says, "Wow! You made me a mix?" She says, "I just wanted to clear my karma." What-freaking-ever. Does Peyton even have a clue what that means? The CD is entitled, "P.S. Whatever." See, now that's art in motion. Yawn. Luke jokes, "Does this mean we're dating?" She tilts her head and smiles, "Listen, you've got a long bus ride tonight. I had some free time. Don't read too much into it."

Nathan jogs up to Haley and says, "Hey." He's a man of few words. And when he does deign to speak, it's usually about basketball. Case in point: "Are you coming to the game tonight?" Haley doesn't know. "You should come, we always beat the crap out of the Pinkerington Hicks." She scrunches up her eyebrows. "They're called the Hicks?" Nathan laughs. "Well, no but they should be, that place is all pickup trucks and mullets." She laughs. He looks down at her like he's a boy and she's a girl and he's popular and an athlete and kind of cute and she's a smart girl who no one really notices even though she's very pretty. It's all so Sixteen Candles. He says, "It's definitely worth the road trip." She says, "Okay," kind of quietly, and Nathan jogs off to dribble something or other. Do-see-do to the left, and swing your partner around.

It must be after school, because Deb and Dan are getting ready to go out for the evening. Deb comes into the kitchen. As she does up her purse, she yells, "Dan, come on, we've got to get going." Dan walks in holding a suit bag, complaining about the fact that the SBL dinner is on a game night. Because the world revolves around both him and basketball. Man, I read a review somewhere that described watching Radio as the equivalent of one note being pounded never-endingly upon the piano. I've decided that's an apt analogy for Dan's character. Same note over and over and over and over again. It's a B-sharp, for basketball. Deb says to him, "Honey, it's once a year, we'll go, we'll enjoy a nice adult evening downtown, and tomorrow you can pore over the box scores." Dan puts on his coat and mutters, "I don't understand why we booked a room. It's only a thirty-minute drive." Deb fiddles with his tie: "Because you and your wife are in need of some good old-fashioned alone time." He leans in, sheds a skin, and kisses his wife with his lizard lips. Ew. "I like the sound of that." Ew. Then he says, "Nathan's got his cell, I can keep tabs on the game during dinner." Ping, ping, there goes that note again. Deb grabs her stuff and says, "Dan, why don't we spend forty-eight hours without basketball and see where we wind up, okay?" Sure. She thanks him. They're off to not enjoy an evening away from their gargantuan house.

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