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The buzzer goes off. The scoreboard tells us that the Ravens are up by more than twenty points. Malcolm blabs on about their hefty lead going into the second quarter. Nathan comes up on a Pirate and blocks the shot, only he gets his hands on the ball and knocks it out of bounds. The referee calls a foul. He gets up in Luke's face: "Hey, why don't you try getting your hands up on defense, okay?" Luke grumbles, "Why don't you try not getting beat." Nathan snits, "Why don't I just beat your ass." Where's Jake? Do I need to call the detectives? Has someone informed the FBI? The boys line up for the foul shots. Nathan and Luke get all pissy with each other on the court. Nathan smirks, "Haley's looking pretty fine tonight. I can't wait to get with that." Now, I'm guessing this is trash talk, but I'm thinking that it should be reserved for the guys on the opposing team. Anyway. A Pirate makes his first shot. They take the formation again. The second shot is also good. After it falls through and play resumes, Luke jumps over to the sidelines and says to Peyton, "Hey, I saw Nathan in the shower, no wonder you broke up with him." Peyton raises her eyebrows. Brooke bursts into a fit of giggles. Nathan's got the ball and he's about to throw it back into play, but he chucks it at Luke's back instead. Luke turns around and charges at him full speed. The pair of them land on top of Brooke, who starts to writhe in pain. Whistles blow, and the rest of the Ravens come along to pull Luke off Nathan. The ref throws them out of the game. Whitey yells, "Why are you throwing them both out of the game?" He slams his clipboard onto the gym floor. The whole crowd gets up to its feet. Woda seethes, "They're on the same team." Brooke whines, "Aw, pain!" as she rocks back and forth holding onto her ankle.

The bus stops in the middle of the road, thirty miles from Tree Hill. Whitey calls Nathan and Lucas up from their seats. He says, "Congratulations, boys, in all my years of coaching this has got to be a low point. That little stunt you pulled almost cost us our undefeated record." Well, that would suck. "I don't give a diddly-squat about your issues with your daddy or your girlfriends. As far as I'm concerned you can hate each other until hell freezes over. But if you're going to play on my team." He points to them. "You're going to learn how to work together." Nathan says quietly, "Can't see that happening, Whitey." Woda replies, "Yeah, well you've got thirty some-odd miles to figure it out." Then he smiles in his Woda way. Cut to the bus driving away, leaving Nathan and Luke behind. Nathan says, "They can't just leave us here." Luke replies, "Nice work, idiot." Now, there's a life lesson for you. That one'll be number sixty-five in our World According to Whitey book. Anyone know a publisher?

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