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The bickering starts the minute the bus turns the corner and the boys realize that they are very far from home. Nathan bitches, "This is great, this is just great." Luke tells him to calm down. But that only causes Nathan to bitch some more: "You calm down! My phone's on that bus. My wallet's on that bus." Luke says his wallet's on the bus too. That sweatshirt is so big, it makes Luke look like a scarecrow. Nathan whines, "So what do we do now?" Luke says, "We start walking." And off they go, only this is no yellow brick road; if anything, it's simply paved with good intentions on Whitey's part. You go, Woda.

Peyton paces outside the Pirate's Training Room. Inside, a med student of sorts wraps up Brooke's ankle. She says it's too tight. He moves it. And that's too loose. Ouch! Too tight again. She squints in her sexy Brooke way at him. Then she says, "You're in college, right?" He tells her that he's a junior. She licks her teeth. "I love college guys. You'll be a doctor in two years, right?" He laughs. Brooke leans forward, tilts her head, and keeps right on flirting: "So, tell me Dr. College Boy, if you wanted to give me something for the pain, you could, right?" He tries to resist, but her powers of, ahem, persuasion are quite, well, powerful. Dr. College Boy gets one look at Brooke's legs and turns to mush. She holds out her hand and he opens up the bottle, but before he gives them to her, he asks shyly, "You're not a cop, are you?" Brooke laughs and says no. He gives her one; she asks for another, and he obliges. When Dr. College Boy turns around to get some water from the cooler, Brooke swallows both of the pills, despite the warning that they're extremely strong painkillers and she should only take a half every twelve hours. He turns back around with the water and she says, "Oops! All gone."

Luke and Nathan keep on with the long walk home. Nathan whines, "We wouldn't be out here if you hadn't joined the team." Luke bitches, "No, we wouldn't be out here if you weren't such a jackass about me joining the team." Nathan complains, "Why do you want my life so bad anyway?" Luke scoffs, "Ho, dude, don't flatter yourself, you're the last person on earth I'd want to trade places with." Nathan snits, "Oh yeah, well, all I know is that you came out of nowhere and starting grabbing everything you could from me, my game, my girl." Luke stops dead in the middle of the road: "What about you, huh? I'll bet your grades sucked before you met me, but I didn't see you going to Haley for help then." Nathan steps forward to be more in Luke's face: "Whoever said what me and Haley's got is about grades?" Luckily, a car full of goons drives by just then, interrupting a hell of a fistfight. The meatheads scream, "Hey Ravens!" and stop the car. The door opens, and someone from inside offers to give Nathan a ride. He smirks at Luke and walks toward the car. Luke tells him it's probably not a good idea; Nathan doesn't care, he just doesn't want to walk. He says, "You're not me, you never will be." As Nathan approaches the backseat and leans in, the buttnuts grab him and pull him right inside; then the car backs up, and one of them says, "Two little Ravens for the price of one, get in or the superstar dies." Heh. How can they even take this seriously? "The superstar dies"? You've got to be kidding me. I know they wanted to create a situation where Luke and Nathan had to actually interact for longer then thirty seconds at a time, but come on, "the superstar dies" -- what a load of crap. Nathan looks pissed. Luke looks both pissed and annoyed. How many times is he going to have to save Nathan's ass on this show?

Back at Pickerington High, Haley wanders around the hallway and passes by Peyton, who is still waiting for Brooke. Peyton asks her what she's still doing there. Haley quips, "I'm thinking of transferring. What's your excuse?" Peyton deadpans, "Brooke, she's been in there forever." Oh, wait, "deadpan" is the only delivery Peyton has, because she's wooden. Just then, Brooke appears, and she's totally high. She limps and stumbles toward Peyton with outstretched arms, and then falls onto her friend, saying, "This is my best friend in the whole world, don't you think she's pretty." Peyton asks Dr. College Boy, "What is this?" He mumbles something about Brooke finding some painkillers on the ground and then makes a hasty exit. Just as he goes, Brooke spins around and falls onto Haley, screaming, "Call me!"

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