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When It Rains, It Pours

Haley stands in the crowded gym while Mouth narrates, "Haley James stands in front of the basket with a flawless four-point-oh GPA hanging in the balance." She's wearing pyjamas and contemplating the basketball she's holding in her hands. Brooke and Peyton toss their pom-poms into the air. As they pan down the line of cheerleaders, Dim's there, twirling away with the rest of them. Heh. Sometimes this show has a good sense of humour. Mouth continues, "She's going to need this free throw to pass phys ed." Dim shakes his head with the beat. Luke's there with his tattoo covered up. Mouth: "Otherwise, her perfect grade point average is history." A shirtless Nathan says, "Come on, Hails, you can do it." I know it's illegal and everything, but Nate looks good with his shirt off. Yummy. Whitey shouts, "Don't miss it, Tutor Girl!" The basket looms. Haley dribbles, panics, dribbles again, and throws the ball; it barely passes the free throw line and then thuds to the ground. Heh. Instantly, Haley wakes up from her bad dream. She tosses off her covers and jumps up, rubbing her hand through her hair. I guess Haley needs to make the free throw pass just to pass gym. Remember when we all had to do the Canadian Fitness Challenge? Sit-ups, push-ups and pull-ups, and the 100-metre dash? I feel your pain, Haley, I really do.

At school the next day (I'm assuming), Luke catches up to Peyton as she walks down a set of stairs. He asks how her father's doing. She replies that he's fine, thanks. Luke stops her mid-getaway-as-quick-as-she-can, and asks, "And, uh, how about with us?" Note: Luke's still wearing the necklace that Brooke gave him. Peyton replies, "Moment of weakness, right?" Only she mumbles so much that I think she's saying, "Mumble of bleakness, right?" She looks at Luke and continues, "I've been feeling guilty about it all weekend." He has too. She says, "Listen, why don't we just bury it and pretend it didn't happen, okay?" Luke squints and jumbles up his eyebrows. Somehow, I don't think that's the answer he's looking for, but he agrees with her, because denying your feelings is the only thing that's going to stop this train wreck of a situation. Or not. Brooke comes bounding up to the two of them and squeaks, "Hello friends!" She looks at Peyton: "Girl." She looks at Luke: "Boy." They do not even match her in terms if perkiness. Brooke asks, "What's the latest scandal?" Luke and Peyton look guiltily at one another. When they don't say anything, Brooke continues, "You two never have any good gossip." And whoa, isn't that ironic. Yawn. Brooke's motor mouth keeps on truckin': "Are we still re-doing your bedroom tonight?" Peyton says yes. Brooke turns to Luke and asks, "Are you up for some heavy lifting?" Luke stutters, "Well, I --" And Brooke finishes, "Would love to help." He agrees, with a reluctant smile. Brooke jokes, "You, me and Broody in your bedroom all night. The web cam pervs are going to love it." Oh boy. She's so perky that you know it's just going to end badly.

Deb and Dan are visiting Faux Florrie again. Dan looks so uncomfortable; he doesn't look at Deb or at the doctor. Deb explains that he has a son from a previous relationship. Dan snots, "She's known about this kid for years and all of a sudden it's grounds for separation." Deb ignores her belligerent husband and continues, "He joined Nathan's basketball team. That's when things got worse." Poor Ann Cusack. Her sister Joan gets to rock out with Jack Black, and she gets to counsel a real contender for Asshole of the Century. Faux Florrie says, "Dan, as I recall, you chose not to be a part of Lucas's life." Instead of answering the question, which might, oh, I don't know, further the healing of his relationship, Dan gets up and walks over to the wall, and starts slamming Florrie's degree because it's from Richmond University. And considering Dan never finished university, he's really not one to talk. But whatever, he gets off on making other people feel small instead of dealing with the issues. It's a good thing Faux Florrie's a trained professional. She responds to his sarcasm by saying, "We were talking about Lucas." Dan starts babbling on about a mountain climber who had his arm wedged under a boulder. He stares off into the distance like Will Ferrell used to do when he was being serious/funny on Saturday Night Live. Okay, so, everyone hold on for a minute, but Dan's using sports as a metaphor for his life: "His arm was caught beneath a thousand-pound rock so he cut it off just below the elbow using nothing but a pocket knife." Florrie turns around and looks at him. She's either aghast or feels like Dan's just made a breakthrough -- I can't figure out which. He says, "'Course, he had to break the bone first. Some people find that hard to believe, but it's simple really, he found himself faced with a difficult situation, and he did what he had to do to survive." Dan turns around to face the doctor. What I can't get over is that he just compared Lucas to a thousand-pound boulder weighing down on his shoulders. The birth of that child makes him feel like he had to cut off a limb in order to survive. How awful is that? Dan says, "I made a choice. To cut away that part of me that had me trapped. You can question my judgment if you want to, but the fact of the matter is you can never really understand it until it's you who's caught beneath the weight." He sits back down, and Florrie nods her head. Yes, she's thinking, breakthrough, definitely. Poor Karen -- can you think how much your heart would break to know that the father of your son feels that way about you and your baby? It's not natural to resent something that much; eventually you're supposed to get over these things and get on with your life. Deb asks quietly, "And was I a weight too, because I got pregnant shortly after Karen?" Pause. "How do you explain being with me and not her." Dan still hasn't looked at his wife. He answers honestly, "Because with you I saw a future."

Lucas stands in front of his gym locker, looking at himself in the small mirror that's inside. It's after practice, and he's putting away his jersey. There are boys taking showers. I'm imagining one of them is Jake! Don't spoil my fun by telling me he's not in this episode. Strummy contemplation music plays in the background as Luke takes off the necklace, drops it into his locker, and slams the door shut. Well, I guess that's the end of that -- it's Peyton he's always wanted; it's Peyton he still wants now. Of course, he runs into his true love outside the gym. He calls out to her; she turns around and says, "Oh, hey, Brooke had to take off early so she said for you to call her." The two of them are standing in an open hallway with lots of people milling about. He looks nervously to see who is around and asks if she's got a second. They stand very close together as she says, "What's up." Luke's voice cracks a little, and his got his "serious" face on -- you know, the one where he scrunches up his eyebrows and acts. He says, "I lied. Okay, I can't bury what happened between us." Peyton tries a half-hearted "Lucas, Brooke is my best friend and she's your girlfriend." He knows. But. "But nothing. That's where we're at right now. It's not fair to her to make a big deal out of what happened." Peyton looks down at her feet, because you know she's lying when she says, "It didn't mean anything." She looks upset and tries to leave quickly, but Lucas says, "Peyton!" Then he grabs her and kisses her right there in the middle of the hallway. She pulls away for a minute, and then goes back in for round two. When they come up for air, he says, "See. It does mean something." Peyton whisper-cries, "Lucas, I can't, you're dating Brooke." He says, "I know, and she's great, okay, but she's not you. Look, ever since you came to my room and you told me how you felt about me, I've been hiding with Brooke." Pause. Peyton's eyes get wider and wider, and he continues with his professing-the-love speech. "I've been trying not to get hurt again, I don't want to hide anymore." Peyton asks him quietly, "Even if we could be together what makes you think it would work?" Okay, I'll admit that this line made me tear up a little bit: "Because I feel it in my heart. Don't you?" She says quietly, "Yes." Pause. "So what are we going to do?"

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