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Luke's putting on his shoes in his bedroom when Haley storms in. He mumbles something about having to pick up his mom, but Haley's not there to chat. She bitches, "What is going on with you and Peyton?" Not knowing he's about to be ambushed, he says innocently, "Nothing." Haley snaps, "So you guys weren't together recently?" Still playing dumb, Luke says, "No, why, did you talk to Peyton?" Haley snots, "Why are you trying to figure out what lie to tell me next?" Luke says, "I wanted to tell you, Hails, that we've been --" She shouts, "Yeah, I know you've been because I saw you kissing her, which is a pretty jackass move considering you have a girlfriend named Brooke." Now Luke begins to raise his voice: "I know that, Haley. Don't lecture me." She barks, "So stop it!" He yells back, "I can't! It's complicated." Haley bitches, "It's not complicated. It's simple. It's really simple! What you're doing is wrong. And if you can't see that, I don't like the person you're becoming." Luke starts shouting loudly now: "The person I'm becoming? God? What about the person you're becoming!" What does he mean by that? "Nathan says a few nice things to you to get back at me, and you fall for it." She throws her hand up into the air: "God! If I hear that one more time!" She screams, "You know that I did that for you!" Luke scoffs, "You did that for me? Is that what you tell yourself every time you're kissing him? You're the one who's lying. If you're looking for betrayal, look to yourself!" And with all the melodrama her soap opera days have prepared her for, BJL storms out, saying, "You know what, Luke. The next time you see me, don't talk to me." He shouts, "Fine!" She shouts, "Fine," and then slams the door. Luke tosses whatever he had in his hand across the room in anger and huffs about for a minute. Perhaps he's mad because she got the last word? Or because he knows she's right. But do we really care?

Deb still hasn't said anything. The candles burn in the foreground as Dan says, "It was completely innocent." Yeah, because steak, mood lighting, and red wine all scream "platonic!" Nice try, Dan. He's not listening to me, though; he's assuming that the "truth" is in the telling and not in the actions: "She has a beach house. I had an extra steak." Deb adds with clenched teeth, "And a bottle of wine." Dan admits he was lonely for some company. She turns to face him: "I'm lonely too, Dan, but I'm not off frolicking with the pool boy." He condescends, "Conversation, Deb, remember, like we used to have." And again, not the best way to handle the situation, honey, because that seems to make Deb even angrier: "So, it's my fault, my deficiencies as a conversationalist have driven you to dine with beach whores." Damn, does Deb ever get the really fun lines, eh? He says quietly, "Are you hungry?" Ha! As if! Only a man would think it's okay to ask his wife to stay for a dinner that he was making for another woman. Holy crap. Rightfully, Deb starts to walk away, and he begs her not to go, he even shows her the picture. Then he says, "Those two people were happy. They loved each other." Deb says, "The hurricane that fall washed half the beach away." He says, "Yeah." She continues, "And took those people with it." He asks her not to go, but she leaves anyway, even when he says quietly, "I love you."

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