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When It Rains, It Pours

Whitey looks at his list. He contemplates his future, scratches out the five hundred, and replaces it with six hundred. Then he unpacks his "Coach Durham" placard and begins to put his pictures back up on the wall.

Brooke and Peyton stand in front of her newly decorated room. They've put up a large photograph of hundreds of kids smiling. Brooke says, "It's like they're all judging you -- you can't hide in here anymore." She turns to face Peyton and says happily, "Lucas should be here soon." Peyton works up some courage. She says, "Brooke, you're my best friend." So? "No, I mean it, you're my best friend, you know that, right?" Of course she does. Brooke says, "What drugs are you on and can I have some?" Oh boy, if she only knew -- it's the love drug and she's having a hard time kicking it. Peyton: "Brooke, I have something I need to tell you."

Nathan and Haley are lying on her bed. Nathan turns on his side, while Haley lies on her back. He asks her what's wrong. She tells him that she had a little disagreement with Lucas. He asks, "About me?" Haley quickly replies, "No, um, just the way he's been acting. He's really disappointing me." Nathan lies on his back and chuckles. What? Nathan says, "Nothing, that's just a little ironic." Haley asks him what's ironic. He replies, "Lucas, being a jerk." How is that ironic? Nathan says, "That used to be my role, right, I mean this whole thing started because I was just trying to mess with Lucas." And I don't know if he realizes how much his saying that bothers Haley, because she turns her head away, and seems concerned.

Deb hangs a "Welcome Home Karen" banner up at the Café. Dan comes in and says, "I, ah, need to come home." Deb cries, "No, no." Deb. "Don't, Dan. There's nothing you can say anymore. I want a divorce."

Luke and Keith drive toward the airport. Blah he's excited, blah he can't wait to see Karen, blah he can't believe that she's coming back, blah feels like yesterday, blah he was kissing her at the airport blah. Luke says, "You kissed my mother." Keith says, "I was saying goodbye." Luke jokes, "Can you do me a favour and keep the PDA to a minimum." This coming from the kid who made out with Brooke at the bar in front of the whole world while drunk, but whatever, it's actually a typical teenage reaction, eh? Keith smiles. They bond. Blah they love each other blah. They come to a stop light, the lights at the intersection change, Keith sees the green light, and assumes he can go -- except the left turn light is red. Dan's at the intersection as well. Keith turns, and in a split second a car horn blares as an SUV directly hits the truck. Luke's right in the path of impact as the cars drag to a rolling stop. Dan hops out of his truck. He screams, "Keith!" Keith stumbles out of the car, moaning. Dan rushes over and helps him out of the car. Keith screams, "Lucas! Get Lucas!" Dan climbs into the car, puts his hands on Luke's neck, and feels for a pulse. Luke's head is rolled back, and there's blood coming out of his ear, dripping from his mouth. Well, so much for high school fantasies coming true. Seems like Keith's hopes and dreams have been dashed in an instant.

Take a deep breath; we've got a couple of minutes to compose ourselves, it's the commercials.

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