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A second emergency doctor examines Keith's head, tells him that he's got a concussion but he'll be fine. The doctor asks, "How much have you had to drink today?" Oh, brother -- you're telling me one beer, one freaking beer, was the cause of that accident and not the huge pieces of metal falling from the sky? Please. How silly is this episode? Really?

In the ER -- or in Surgery, I can't tell which because Luke's still wearing all of his clothes, like no one had to remove them to listen to his chest or see what's going on, if he's bleeding anywhere else or anything -- a nurse puts him out. Doctors race down the hallway as Keith sits waiting for news. He stands up and pulls a cell phone out of his pocket -- one that Dan could have easily used to call 911, but whatever -- and speed-dials someone. Only you're not supposed to use cell phones in the hospital at all; however, we're obviously not going for reality this episode.

Karen stands nervously looking around. The intercom says, "Karen Rowe to the nearest white courtesy phone. Karen Rowe to the white courtesy phone." Karen rolls her luggage over and picks up the phone: "This is Karen Rowe."

And the surgery's in full swing now. Exactly what are they operating on? What are they operating for? Does he have internal bleeding? Does he have pressure on the brain they need to remove? Is his freaking back broken because Dan shouldn't have moved him? Good grief. The doctors prepare to open Luke up when the monitor flatlines and his heart stops beating. They focus on the "asystole" and the blinking "0" for a minute before we fade to black. I guess we just don't know if Luke's going to live or die. Yawn. Considering that the entire show was conceived around him, I think not. But anyway, who am I to judge a totally out-of-the-blue ridiculous stunt that screams "sweeps!"? For a minute, I thought I was watching The Practice again. TPTB had better redeem themselves next week or there will be hell to pay.

Next week on One Tree Hill: They operate. The screen goes fuzzy. Peyton gets a call that there's been an accident. Karen cries, "I won't lose him." And Brooke says, "I'm just worried he's not going to wake up." Haley says, "He's going to make it, right?" Oh boy, as if he's not bloody going to make it. Let's hope they get back on the basketball track, because at least then the show was about something other than ridiculous soap opera plots that throw people together and toss them around like debris in a hurricane. Enough already. I can't wear enough protective gear for the crap that rains down after this shit.

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