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Later that afternoon, Luke's in his bedroom typing on his computer when Haley knocks, and then comes in. She says, "What's up, loser?" Luke laughs and says hey, that he's just finishing up an email to his mom because she gets back tomorrow. Haley grabs a rubber ball on one of Luke's shelves and says, "Tell her I said hi, you're going to call me when she gets back from the airport, right?" Haley bounces the ball and then sits down on Luke's bed. She says, "So, I need to borrow a couple of things from you, like your basketball, and you." Luke stops typing. He turns around, "Okay. Why?" Haley admits, "Because I'm totally flagging P.E. and I need you to show me how to throw a stinking free shot." He corrects her: "Free throw." She says mockingly, "Whatever." Oh Haley, you are quirky, bright, and have a mind of your own -- two thumbs up to you going to your best friend and asking him to show you instead of playing the "girl" card and asking your boyfriend. Luke gets up, grabs his basketball, and says, "You know I'd love to, Hails, but I've got to do some stuff with Brooke and Peyton tonight." And thumbs down to you, Luke, for bailing on your best friend to hang out with your girlfriend and her best friend, your other girlfriend. He tosses the basketball at her as she asks, "Like what?" He answers, "I kind of need to talk to you about something." Haley asks Luke what's going on just as Brooke bounces into the room. Seeing Haley there, she says, "Hey Tutor Girl!" Haley says, "Tigger! What's up?" Luke brushes Haley off with a "rain cheque," and she leaves with a customary smart-ass remark: "You kids have fun!" Brooke pauses for a minute, looks at Luke kind of funny, and says, "Then let's go, boyfriend." Luke grabs his jacket and they're off to help Peyton fix her bedroom.

Keith walks down the hall and into Whitey's office. Is it strange how grown men are allowed to walk the hallways of the high school at random? Does no one question why they're there? Whitey looks up from reading his paper as Keith says, "What's the good word, Coach?" He puts the paper aside to reply, "There's no good word." Pause. "What brings you around here?" Keith comes in and closes the door; he's got his hand inside his jacket, protecting a bottle: "Oh, a victory celebration." Whitey asks, "What's the celebration?" Keith replies, "I thought you might like to toast your five hundredth win." Whitey pulls out two mugs he keeps hidden in his desk for just such an occasion, while Keith pulls the whiskey out of his coat. Whitey: "Four-ninety-nine. I haven't won the last one yet." Well, as if that's going to stop the two of them from having a snort. Keith says that he just wants to beat the rush. Heh. Whitey: "I guess this could serve as dual toast." Why's that? "I'm thinking of stepping down." Keith looks stunned, and Whitey comments on this. Whitey laughs and says, "A fellow can't coach forever." Keith says honestly, "And he can't quit while he still loves the game." There are trophies and pictures of teams all over the office. Whitey surveys them as he and Keith have their conversation. Whitey says, "Who says I love it?" Keith: "You do, every time you step out onto that court. This game is what keeps you young." You know, they've stopped playing basketball on this damn show. Instead, they just talk about playing basketball. Enough philosophical meandering about whether or not to throw the damn ball, and just take a deep breath and start tossing it around the court. I'm sick of hearing about it already. Blah Hamlet blah. Keith says, "Without it you'd be off somewhere battling wearing a dress." Whitey jokes, "You haven't seen me at home." They laugh. Whitey picks up a picture of his wife and continues his retrospective: "I promised myself I'd coach for twenty years. Then, Camilla and I would start living. Thirty-five years later, and here I am."

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