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Haley's by herself at the River Courts. She's dribbling the ball, but it's that girly "use the whole of your hand and just slap the ball" kind of dribbling. She takes a deep breath and tosses the ball into the air, hoping for the best. It doesn't even come close to hitting the board or dropping through the net; it's pure air. Nathan catches the ball before it bounces way, way off the court and jokes, "Was that your jump shot? Because if that was your jump shot, I can't date you anymore." She laughs nervously. He continues, "My mom said you'd be here, something about a grade." Haley says, "You cannot be here right now." Why not? "Because I look stupid." She crosses her arms over her chest. Nathan jokes, "You realize I've seen you in that crocheted poncho thing you wear, right?" Heh. Finally, someone else notices the crazy thrift-store-gone-mad styles they saddle poor Haley with. He hands her back the basketball. She says, "Come on, this is embarrassing. I want you to think that I'm not embarrassing." He says honestly, "You don't embarrass me Haley." She gives him a bit of attitude, and then throws the ball to prove her point. He catches it, and says, "Okay, I take that back." Haley: "I can't do it." Nathan stands beside her and gives her some pointers. Then he stands behind her, puts his hands on her hips, and says, "Now just shoot." And off goes the ball again, but this time, she actually manages to get the ball closer to the rim. Nathan smiles, "See, that wasn't perfect, but it also wasn't embarrassing." He goes to retrieve the ball and continues, "It's actually kind of sexy." Haley can't help but smile. Wow, it's a whole new Nathan. He's a completely different kid from the beginning episodes; he's lost that whole jackass follow-in-his-father's-footsteps arrogant manner too. It's actual character development, versus Luke's "will I" or "won't I" emotional wavering.

Deb hands a customer some change while Keith acts as busboy for a minute. He compliments her on the "one hell of a job" she's done while Karen's been away. She thanks him, and then follows him back into the kitchen. He fiddles with a tea towel, wraps it around his fist, and then says, "I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I'm just really excited about Karen coming back." Not to worry, she is too. Then he asks what's up with her and Dan. Deb replies, "Oh, well, we're going to therapy, but I'm not sure if we can find our way back." To where? "The people we used to be. We used to laugh more; we were kind to each other." She shrugs her shoulders and continues, "We were in love." He asks what about now. Deb honestly doesn't know. And at least she's being honest about the situation, because you know somewhere Dan's got a game plan for his relationship in the playbook he keeps handy for all life situations. The Get Out of My Marital Difficulties super-play that has him ducking and dancing around the big old court we call life. Yawn.

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