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When It Rains, It Pours

Speaking of Dan, he's taking a walk down the beach when an attractive woman comes racing toward him, chasing her hat. She screams, "A little help!" Dan bends down and picks it up for her just as she reaches him. The waves crash in the background. Her hair blows. I'm waiting for the music before they start to rip their clothes off and get busy right there on the beach. She introduces herself as "Kerry." He introduces himself as "Dan." She says coyly, "I was wondering what the name of the attractive man who jogs passed my bungalow every morning was." He smiles -- flattery will get her anywhere with him -- if it's one thing Dan needs, it's a bloody ego boost. Brother. He teases, "Yeah? And what was it?" She smiles and brushes her hair off her face. So, what's she doing on his beach? She goes in for the kill: "I hear it's a great place to pick up guys." He jokes, "Only the light ones." So why the played-down flirtation, Dan? If she was a waitress, he'd be all over her -- I guess that's the difference. He tries to brush her off: "It was a pleasure meeting you, even with the ugly hat." But she's not buying it; she's got her eyes on Dan's prize. She stops him and says, "The yellow cottage is mine, come by and see me sometime." Kerry puts her ugly straw hat back on and looks approvingly at him as he walks away. Could he actually have some feelings? Could he be feeling sorry for himself and missing Deb? Could he be examining his life? Holy crap! Could he be -- and don't kill me for saying this -- human?

Brooke and Luke arrive at Peyton's. They actually knock on the door instead of just barging right in. Peyton answers the door wearing a red t-shirt and looking kind of uncomfortable. Brooke barges right in as if nothing's wrong and says, "Let's do some damage!" Lucas hangs around as Peyton steps outside. She says, "We're going to hell." And no truer words have ever been spoken. "No honestly, we're horrible rotten people." Brooke calls from inside, "Come on you two, let's go!" Peyton tells Luke that she doesn't want to hurt Brooke. Blah neither does Luke, blah they have to tell her, blah love triangle, blah complications blah. Yes, they have to tell her, and yes, they have to do it tonight. With consciences weighing about as much as the ocean itself, Luke and Peyton go inside after Brooke screams, "Let's go!" again. I have a hard time believing that someone as socially savvy as Brooke doesn't see what's going on. But whatever, if that's what TPTB want me to believe, then I'll hook my belief back up and try to be a positive, contributing member of the Recappers' Association of TWoP. ["'Positive'? Heh." -- Sars]

An album plays on the turntable, and I'm glad of one thing -- that Peyton makes the effort and listens to vinyl. I'm not so glad of this hokey situation that has them redecorating while wearing stylish designer clothes. I mean, who paints in their art-house, eighty-dollar t-shirts? Whatever. Brooke bounces around the room and says to Luke, "Okay, Broody, show us what you've got." He lifts up Peyton's bed and moves it out of the room. Once it's completely out of the doorway, Brooke bounces over and closes the door. When did Brooke become the girl who's always in a good mood? It's tiring just typing bouncy-here, bouncy-there. Anyway, it's time for a girl-to-girl: "Wanna hear a secret? I know you do!" Peyton attempts to stop her before she starts, but it's hopeless: "I'm falling for him. Big-time." Peyton doesn't say anything; well, Brooke really doesn't give her any time to say anything before blabbing on: "Speechless! I know you are, it's crazy, right? This is like l-o-v-e, mad crushed out, I am in big trouble." Peyton smiles; she doesn't really say anything, and she for sure doesn't say anything about her and Luke. Plus, why is it Peyton's responsibility to say anything anyway? How come Luke's such a coward and just can't tell Brooke himself?

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