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Haley does her homework at Karen's Café, and she's darn frustrated about it because she rips off the piece of paper and balls it up tight. Then, just to prove a point, she tries to toss it into the wastebasket. Of course, it circles the rim and falls off, not even close to the basket. Ah, poor Haley, she's terrible at all forms of basketball. Peyton comes in and says hey, that she was hoping Haley would be there. Haley asks her what's up, and Peyton replies, "Um, Actually I need some advice, and I didn't have anybody to talk to." Haley jokes, "And Brooke's not around?" Peyton hangs her head, and Haley continues, "Ah, sorry. Where's the rest of your minions?" Huh? "You're like the queen of the hive." Um, yeah, since when, because all we've ever seen of Peyton is her brooding around, drawing. But whatever, now she is a popularity queen with tonnes of friends. Anyway. She doesn't have anyone to really talk to -- hence the visit tonight. They walk over to a couch and sit down. Haley asks, "So what's on your mind?" Peyton says, "You know when you first realized you liked Nathan and you knew Lucas would flip out? How'd you deal with that?" Haley doesn't fall for the like-minded situation ploy; she goes right to the heart of the issue and asks what's going on. Peyton makes a lame excuse, and then Haley continues, "I sort of asked myself repeatedly if this thing with Nathan was really worth losing my best friend over." Pause. "Plus, if Lucas was really my best friend than he should just be happy for me." She jokes, "Plus, it's not like he was dating Nathan." Peyton laughs nervously. Haley asks if Peyton's sure she's okay; she says she is and gets up to leave. My goodness, that was the shortest friend-to-friend advice session I've ever seen. It's like those 45-second dating nights, only the bell went off in Peyton's head instead of in the room.

Whitey contemplates his "Life List." Now, someone had better call Oprah, because this man needs a lesson in how to write out his goals. An old piece of paper says, "Coach for 20 years. Win 500 games. Make a difference." And that's it -- that's all Whitey wanted from life. The voice in his head reads the goals out loud. Nathan knocks on the door and says, "You wanted to see me?" Okay, that's strange, because he's wearing the sweatshirt he had on yesterday when he helped Haley with her basketball. It's a huge affair with "Atlanta" emblazed in yellow lettering across the chest; it's hard not to notice. I wonder if they shot this scene the same day and then decided to move it around in editing, because it's bright outside like it's the next day, and not the same day. But whatever, it doesn't really matter -- time is a foreign concept on this show anyway. Whitey turns around to face Nathan and says, "That was an interesting meal the other night, wasn't it?" Yes, yes it was. Whitey stands up: "Tell me something, Nathan. Have I made a difference to you?" What do you mean? "I mean being on this team. Me rattling on all the time, have you learned anything?" Not one for metaphorical answers, Nathan replies, "I, ah, move my feet better on defence." That's not really what he was looking for, so Whitey gives up and says, "There's a couple of new plays in that folder that you missed out on." When Nathan picks it up, he folds the "Life List" inside -- circumstance or happenstance? Hum, I wonder. Yawn. Before he leaves Whitey's office, Nathan turns back and says, "Coach, I just wanted to say thanks for letting me back on the team." Whitey lifts his hands in an odd kind of salute, and Nathan leaves.

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