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Now, Haley and Nathan are practicing basketball, and it's morning, because she says, "Okay, today's the day and I still suck." Is it before school again? Are we already on another day? Because the clock in Whitey's office said five after nine in the morning just a few minutes ago, so it can't be the same day. Oh boy, I'm going to drive myself crazy thinking about this stuff. Anyway, Dan comes up behind the two of them and asks, "What's this?" Nathan holds the basketball and says, "Hey, Dad, I'm just giving Haley a few pointers." Dan greets Haley. The oil slides off his tongue. Ew. Dan says, "So Nathan, I thought we'd grill up some steaks at the beach house for dinner, just the two of us." Nathan says, "Sounds great, Dad, but Haley and I have plans tonight." Okay. Some other time? Yeah. It's strange to see Nathan trying to get rid of his dad, but I guess it's not surprising. Dan doesn't leave, though; he stands there, wanting to talk to his son: "I heard you were back on the team. I think that's a good move." Nathan gives him a clipped "yeah" but doesn't really encourage anymore conversation. Dan says curtly, "So how's my house?" Well, neither Haley nor Nathan knows how to answer that question, so they don't say anything. Then Dan just leaves, greasing away on the slick of oil he rode in on. Haley says, "I'm sorry, you should go with your dad tonight if you want." He doesn't want to go with his dad. He wants to be with her. He walks back over underneath the basket and says, "Now knock down this shot like I know you can." Oh, poor Haley, she so can't knock down the shot -- not even remotely. She sort of half-jumps, half-jacks in the air and flails her arms all over the place. The ball doesn't even go near the basket. In a sweet, sweet way, Nathan says, "That's okay. This calls for drastic measures. You'll be fine. Let's try it Granny-style."

Get ready for the Tree Hill montage…

Keith prepares the house for Karen's homecoming. He puts some nice flowers into a vase and sets them on the kitchen table. Then he ponders his future.

Whitey stands in front of Camilla's grave with some yellow roses of his own. He places them on her gravestone, and ponders his past.

Nathan looks through the folder that Whitey gave him and finds the Life List. He reads it, and ponders his future.

Haley bounces the ball in front of the basket, ponders the basket for a minute, and then tosses it granny-styles right into the hoop. The girls cheer her on. She turns, faces the camera, and -- you guessed it -- smiles at herself for actually doing it.

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