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When It Rains, It Pours

Nathan walks down the hallway. Haley joins him, smiling. She says, "I so owe you." He looks down at her and says, "Good. Because I need a favour."

The let's-ponder-ponder-ponder music plays as Keith saunters up to Dan, who is dumping charcoal onto the grill. It fades as he says, "I, ah, just came to check on you, you know, considering the throwdown with Mom and Dad and everything." It's a peace offering. But Dan doesn't take the olive branch. In fact, he downright abuses his brother over the next few minutes of conversation. I guess that's easier. Dan says, "Oh, so now you're concerned about me, after bringing Whitey to my house last week to antagonize me." Keith didn't think it would hurt. "No, Keith, you knew it would, that's why you did it." Keith: "Okay, whatever, Danny, I just came by to see if you were doing okay, my mistake." Dan goes in for the kill: "Yet another one by you." Keith can't resist the gauntlet thrown down: "You know, it's no wonder you're all alone out here." Dan snots, "You're right, Keith, I am alone, now, but you're alone period. And do you want to know why? Because you're malicious." Snort. As if that's not the pot calling the kettle black. Keith's no more malicious than a Labrador Retriever -- he's a sweet guy who just wants the best for the people around him, and he's not alone. He has Karen, Lucas, Whitey, and even Deb to an extent.

But whatever, Dan needs to make himself feel better. He continues, "You bring Whitey to my house, put Lucas on the basketball team, so it's no wonder I'm out here by myself, it's almost as if you planned it that way." Holy crap. Are there people this deluded out there? Keith steps forward and rebukes his brother: "Easy on the conspiracy theories, Danny, maybe you want to take a look in the mirror." Keith turns to leave, but Dan's still in a fighting mood: "So where you running off to now?" Keith says quietly, "The airport." Dan says snidely, "Right. Still living that lie, huh? Unless of course you and Karen are a couple." Keith replies, "As a matter a fact, after tonight, we will be." Dan snots, "Wow. High school fantasies really do come true. Oh, you always had a thing for her, even when I was with her." Dan walks over to the barbeque, grabs the lighter fluid, and, in a bit of not-so-subtle metaphor, adds fuel to the fire: "But you should ask yourself one question, Keith. If you weren't good enough for her then, what makes you think you'd be good enough for her now." Keith doesn't reply, he just walks away -- trying not to let Dan get to him, but you know he did. In fact, the minute that Dan cockily touched the lighter to the fuel, you knew Keith was done for.

Keith shows up at the Café, and Deb says brightly, "Three hours to Karen!" Keith walks over and sits down on the bar: "Ask me what mistake I just made." She bites. He says, "I, ah, just went to see Dan." Deb looks aghast as she asks why. Heh. Keith thought Dan could use someone to talk to, but he's a miserable SOB. Deb says, "I'm sorry. He doesn't do well when he's alone." Keith says, "Sure. There's no one to tear down when he's alone, except himself." Deb asks if he's hungry; Keith says no, but that he could do with a beer. Deb says, "Three hours to Karen?" Exactly. That's why he could use a "breezer." I didn't know Karen's Café was licensed, but whatever. Deb hands him the bottle as he tells her the story about Karen kissing him the day she left. He says, "It's funny. I feel like I'm just about to start the life I always wanted, and it's three hours away. I'm scared as hell." And there we go again: hardhat, protective footwear, and Hazmat suit. I should be safe from whatever starts falling from the sky as each character's hopes and dreams come crashing down around me in a fit of Alanis Morissette's brand of irony. Deb says, "Ah, it couldn't happen to two better people. You're going to be fine." Keith takes a swig of the last beer he's ever going to drink, because you know it's so not going to be fine.

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