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Kerry, the oh-so-very, comes sauntering up Dan's boardwalk, chiding him for not inviting her for dinner. She leans against the railing and leers at him like he's the steak and she's the lion. Ew. Dan hesitates for a minute, and then says, "Actually, you're right on time. Would you care to join me?" Yeah, she'd like that -- of course she would. What time is it? It's so not dinner time if the sun's totally shining and Deb's still serving people lunch, but whatever.

Nathan and Haley are in the library, doing research. I guess they're investigating Whitey and his career, because she says, "Did you know Whitey's first name is Brian?" The pair searches through online newspapers for information. Haley tells Nathan to come and look, because she's found a site with Whitey's whole record before coming to Tree Hill. Nathan looks over her shoulder, and the screen shows an article with a young Whitey smiling. Heh. The headline says, "Coach Durham has successful first season." Haley says, "I'm going to get something to drink, do you want something?" First of all, they don't let you have drinks in a library, no matter where you are, and second of all, what's the point of finding out information about Whitey before he got to Tree Hill? Are they writing his biography? Of course, it's all a ruse so Haley can run across Peyton and Lucas, who come around the stacks and stand sort of up against one of them. She says, "It's just wrong, sneaking around behind Brooke." He asks, "Do you think that's part of it?" Blah if it feels wrong, blah makes it deeper blah. Peyton says, "Lucas, Brooke and I have been best friends since elementary school. We've always put our friendship before guys. Do you really think that I'd risk losing my best friend for a fling? Because I wouldn't do that." See, Geppetto, she really does have a heart. I think she's a real girl now, a girl who loves a boy. Luke says, "Okay, look, I don't want to hurt Brooke, and I don't want to come between the two of you -- but I have to be with you." And bam, their lips are like magnets, nothing can tear them apart. Oh boy, and there's Haley, pop in hand, staring at the two of them as they cheat on poor, innocent Brooke. The same Brooke who tried to break up Nathan and Haley before they even started; the same Brooke who said Lucas was fair game; the same Brooke who went after Jake! and thought he was gay when he rejected her; yes, that same Brooke. And while they're not going about it in remotely the right way, everyone makes a bad decision in the romance department now and again, and I'll defend Lucas a little by saying he's always felt this way about Peyton. Now he just needs to grow a pair and stand up for himself. It's not that complicated. Really, it's not.

Dan and Steamy Kerry have moved inside the house now. The sun's gone down, and the loving is about to begin. But wait! Dan opens up a drawer to find a corkscrew, and he sees a picture of him and Deb looking happy at the beach house. Now that just throws him for a loop. Kerry jokes, "You'd better find one or you'll never get me drunk." Ew. I should spell her name with a "C" and call her "Carrie the Cougar." Maybe we can start a breakfast cereal for desperate, pathetic women who throw themselves at married men. Dan pauses for a minute. He looks at the picture, and Kerry wonders what's up. He apologises, and then says, "I'm sorry. I'm sure you're a great person, Kerry, but I have a wife I love very much." Her off-the-shoulder shirt almost reveals her entire left breast, and holy breast, Batman. Whew. Kerry slithers up to him and says, "That's a coincidence, because I also have a husband that I love very much" -- which is cougar code for "let's get it on" -- "but then again our spouses aren't here, are they." And the bad timing just keeps on ticking, because it's from Kerry's lips to God's ears as Deb walks in and sees Dan there with her, candles lit, about to make out. Kerry says, "Or maybe one of them is." Deb's shock just sort of hangs there in the room, as Dan looks guilty as sin. Kerry says quietly, "I, ah, guess I'll go." Dan says, "Deb." But she doesn't say anything, and her face looks like her heart would if you could actually see it breaking.

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