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The Death of the Cliffhanger

Luke comes home to find Nikki sitting on his front porch. But how did she get there? She says, "I found out you were on Jake's basketball team, after that it didn't take a private eye." Luke smiles, but he's surprised. In addition to stalking her ex-boyfriend, she's now stalking his teammates. There's a good hobby for you! He says, "Oh? You know Jake?" Nikki replies, "Pretty well actually, Jenny's my daughter." His face falls. "Small world, huh?" Luke says, "Oh, look, Jake's a good friend, and I had no idea." Wait, neither did she -- that's why she's there. To make sure their, ahem, secret stays between, ahem, the sheets. Nikki says, "Lucas, I'm trying to get my family back together and it's not going well." Hell, this whole revolution in Nikki's life came from that night they spent together and Lucas telling her about how evil Dan is -- she doesn't want Jenny to hate her. Blah she has a chance to correct her mistake, blah don't say anything blah. Don't worry, your secret's safe until the writers need another piece of confrontation to really kick things up a notch.

Contrivance takes a break and giggles for a while in the bushes.

Luke doesn't actually go home; instead, he shows up at Keith's. His uncle is surprised to see him. Oh, and by the way, Keith's packing -- but Lucas doesn't notice. It's a good thing I put in my eagle eyes before starting work this morning. Keith: "How you been?" He's fine, just been "dealing" with some stuff. Yeah, Keith too. How's the rehab going? Luke says it's going well. He rolls his arm to prove it. So, Keith cuts to the chase: "What's going on?" Luke: "There's something I want to ask you." Sure. "When my mom got pregnant, and Dan left, why didn't you? Why'd you stand by her?" Keith says, "It was the right thing to do. And I loved her, and I wanted to protect her, but she really didn't need it." Luke: "She was pretty tough?" Keith: "Your mom could have been anything in this life." Luke suggests, "If it weren't for me, right?" Keith: "You're the best thing that ever happened to your mom, trust me." Luke apologises for the way he acted while his mom was in Italy. Keith says it's water under the bridge; no damage done, right? Luke looks like he's about to throw up again. Or at least toss the words "Brooke's having my baby!" out there on the table for Keith to scoop up. But he doesn't, he just says goodbye -- but not before his uncle gives him a pep talk about how he'll always be there for him, even if he's not around physically. Yawn. Is Keith leaving town? You think? Of course he is -- he needs to get as far away from the humiliation of his proposal as he possibly can.

Haley and Nathan are sitting downtown on a bench. She says, "I know I'm driving you crazy." He says, "No you're not, and stop." Haley: "What do you think?" Nathan: "I think that you're my girlfriend and I like to spend time with you." Aw, and it only gets sweeter: "Look, I just don't want to push you." You're not. "But I am. Haley, you got a tattoo for god's sake. And it just freaks me out a little bit because obviously this whole thing with us means a lot to you." Pause. "I just don't want to do anything to pressure you or drive you away, even though sometimes that I can't help it." Here comes the hot chocolate: "Just like I can't help that I fell in love with you." And the whipped cream: "I love you, Haley." With some marshmallows: "And it scares me a little bit, but there it is." She takes a deep breath outward and repeats, "There it is." And that's the only aphrodisiac Haley needs. She gives him a wicked-ass smooch and tells him she loves him too. Aw.

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