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The Death of the Cliffhanger

Lucas decides to pay his father a visit, which is strange considering their relationship, but maybe all the events of the past couple days have brought them closer together. Or not. It's Dan. I know. I'm dreaming. Dan says cockily, "There's something I can help you with?" Luke replies, "Not really. I just wanted to thank you for filling in some of the blanks for me about when my mom got pregnant." Dan snarks, "Glad to be of help." Dan then asks how the situation is with Brooke. Luke answers by telling him it's none of his business. Dan snorts, "No?" Luke says, "You know, before this happened to me, I never quite understood how you could be so selfish. Every day of my life I wondered, until now." Dan gets up: "Now you see the other side." Luke: "Yeah, I guess I do." Dan: "Don't be so quick to judge me, Lucas. It's easy to have all the answers from a distance, but everybody makes decisions they regret. Me, your mother, Keith." Um, what does all this have to do with anything? What exactly does this conversation mean? So, Luke now understands just how much of a jackass Dan is because Brooke got pregnant. It's a light-bulb moment for us all -- Luke couldn't figure out his father before thinking his ex was pregnant; Dan couldn't explain to him how he truly felt. But not in one single place does Dan say that his mother made the right decision or that he's glad Luke's alive, and no parallel situation could turn the son into that much of an asshat. Dan: "But we learned to live with it; it's part of life." Luke: "Not my life, not yet." Dan: "Yeah, I thought that way once. Then I grew up." Luke smiles and then leaves. I guess that's closure?

Keith sits in Karen's Café. She's glad to see him, because they need to talk. He looks up at her and declares he's going to make a change. Somewhere, Doctor Phil applauds him. Oprah does the hoochy-coochy. Sally Jessy pounds her chest and wishes she were back on the air. Karen sits and asks him what he means. He pontificates: "Well, I woke up this morning, and everything just felt far away. And then I went outside and for the first time Tree Hill didn't feel like home." Pause. "And I just thought, why am I still here. I never planned on spending my whole life here, and I just needed someone to remind me and you did that and it's okay." Karen asks him quietly if he's leaving. Keith snort-laughs and looks at his feet: "There's no time like the present, right?" Karen: "Keith, this isn't because of me?" He lies, "No, it's because of me. You did me a favour, Karen, by going to Italy and by saying no to me, you woke me up, and I appreciate that." Well, he's not really much of a sore loser at all, is he? He's finally realizing he needs to get his own life and stop living through other people, to stop waiting for the day Karen's going to wake up and realize she wants to be with him. She asks, "Where are you going to go?" He answers, "I don't know. But I've got to say, it feels really good to have options." And neither of them even talks about the shop? Does everyone know what happened and just aren't saying anything? Anyway. Keith gets up and squeezes Karen's shoulder on the way out, leaving the door wide open for Larry Sawyer to come breezing right into her heart. Wanna bet they get married?

Brooke watches television in her bedroom when a contrite Lucas shows up to prove he's both good and a man. She says, "What part of stay away from me do you not understand?" Who let him in? What time is it? He replies, "Just give me sixty seconds, okay?" She snaps, "I'm sorry but argument cut-off was nine o'clock." He tells her he doesn't want to argue. Her room is filled with wicker furniture and stuffed animals. I guess they're thinking if they can build the set like a sixteen-year-old would live there, we'd really believe Brooke wasn't in her twenties. Anyway. He continues, "You don't even have to say anything, just listen." Pause. He sits: "My dad didn't want me, okay. Not just that he didn't want to claim me, he didn't want me to be born. Now, I always thought that when I started a family, I'd be older and settled and --" She cuts in, "In love?" "Yeah. But so did my mom." She cuts in again: "Lucas --" He doesn't let her speak, though: "This whole thing scares the hell out of me, okay, but whatever you decide to do, I'll be there and if you're not ready, you're not ready. But if you want to have this baby, then so do I." Aw, what a man, what a mighty, good man. Yawn: "And whatever it takes for me to be a good father, I'll be there always. I promise you. I won't let you down." Brooke's conscience comes crashing down around her and she can't hold it together any longer. Luke stands up and acts the right way, says all the right things, and she cracks up. She says quietly, "I lied." He purses his eyes together. The Chad says, "What?" She replies, "I'm not pregnant." But I saw the test? "I know, but when the doctor called, he said I wasn't pregnant and said that could happen." Luke stands up and stutters "no-no-no-no-no." Then he gets a bit upset: "I was standing right there when he called?" She says icily, "And you had just called me a slut!" Luke shouts, "So you lied to me to punish me?" Are her parents home? Wouldn't they have heard all this? Luke: "How could you do that?" She treads in familiar territory with this reply: "How could you cheat on me with my best friend?" Luke just looks at her and says, "Brooke, I never meant to hurt you." See, therein lays the difference, right? She points this out: "That doesn't really matter because in the end, it hurts just the same." Okay, but is it justification for putting Luke through that awful day? Is hurting him back really revenge, or is it just weakness? Wanting to make him care about you and then punishing him because he doesn't? That's not really fair either. Luke just looks at her; he doesn't really know what to say.

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