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The Death of the Cliffhanger

It's a brand new day! Hooray. At least that ends the Night of the Living Dead Plot Lines. So, Haley lets herself in and walks into Nathan's bedroom. He's still sleeping. He's lying on his back and not wearing a shirt. Haley gets on the bed and whispers in his ear, "Hey you, wake up." Nate comes to and says that he didn't hear her come in. She starts rubbing his chest. She teases, "You didn't hear your alarm clock either." Nate stretches his arms above his head: "That's 'cause it didn't go off." Ew. Teenage boy smell. "Not everybody gets up at six, geez." Ew, they start making out. In the morning. After him just waking up. Like it's nothing. But whatever, if Brooke can be pregnant and Keith can ask Karen to marry him, then Nathan can have magic breath. It's a crazy mixed-up world. Anyway. The alarm goes off, and Haley leans over to turn it off. Of course, Nathan sees the tattoo. She says, "Do you want me to start your shower?" He's taken aback, but covers nicely: "Um, yeah, thanks." Off she goes to start the shower. Isn't Haley a good girlfriend?

Okay. What day is it? Was the Boy Toy auction on a Sunday? Is today a Monday or a Saturday? How are they in town at the doctor on the weekend? Or is it a weekday? Anyway. Brooke comes down and meets Lucas in front of the Women's Clinic. Luke chases her, because my guess is that she's still quasi-ignoring him. He asks quickly, "What happened?" Brooke answers, "The nurse said they'd call me in a few hours with the results, and then she asked me about the father." Of course, Dan picks this very moment to drive by and see Lucas and Brooke there. Of course, he will draw his own conclusions and act like an ass throughout the rest of the episode. Luke: "What did you say?" Brooke says coldly, "I told her the sorry bro-ho kicked my ass to the curb." Brooke storms away, and Luke chases after her.

And there's the rock painted with "23" that sits in front of the high school. How many different objects need to be imprinted before we get the message: Nathan's number. Blah basketball star, blah great jersey, blah symbolism blah. So, Luke comes into the locker room as Nate opens up his locker. Luke's steamed and, well, quite honestly, ready to brawl. Luke barks, "So this whole thing with Haley was really just your way of messing with me, huh?" Nathan sneers, "What's your problem now?" Luke: "I saw you making out with Peyton last night." So, it was Thursday and now it's Friday? Oh, this drives me crazy. What self-respecting school would have a date night that keeps all of the kids out past midnight on a school night? Nathan defends himself: "Look, you may be a little slow, but we kissed because it was the auction rules." Luke holds up his fingers like a gun of anger: "I know what I saw!" Nathan scoffs and then tries to open his locker. Luke slams it shut. Their faces get real close to one another. Nathan says, "I'm about to beat your ass, man." Heh. Luke says, "I promised Haley I'd give you a break and that's the only thing that's saving you right now." Nathan pushes him back and whisper-yells, "I kissed Peyton like you kissed Haley. Now that's it!" For once in his life, Nathan actually acts like he has a brother's intuition. He looks at Luke closely and says, "What are you so tweaked about?" Luke back-pedals: "Nothing." He walks backwards: "Sorry!" Then he picks up his knapsack and hustles himself out of there. Nathan's got a what-just-happened look on his face.

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