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The Death of the Cliffhanger

Luke works out with his frustrations. He's lifting weights. He's pushing himself. He's breathing heavily. Dan comes into the weight room and says quietly, "Be careful of those knees. Trust me, I know." Luke stops. His father keeps talking: "I also know what it's like to be sidelined with an injury." ["Oh, like your head getting lodged in your ass? Har har. I kill me." -- Sars] He steps further into the room. "I wouldn't wish it on anyone who's serious about their game." Dan sits down across from Lucas on a weight bench: "How's the shoulder?" Luke: "Fine." Dan: "Good." Pause for "fatherly" advice. Well, if your father is Darth Vader and you're Luke Whinewalker. "I saw you at the clinic the other day with that girl. I don't have to tell you, you're treading in my area of expertise." Luke hasn't looked at his father -- who, I might add, is wearing a dark coat and talking in a deep voice. Coincidence? I don't think so. "You know Lucas, one day I woke up and I was looking down the barrel of a life I couldn't control." Holy mixed metaphors, Dan-man. And does that shotgun illuminate the clock ticking on his life? Or do the bullets represent the bars on the jail of his life? "I just thought you could use some advice. I can see that you're scared, but don't let that fear cloud your vision." Pause for the words that really hurt: "You know I asked your mom to get an abortion. She said no, she was too emotional. If she was thinking clearly, she would have done what I said." Does he realize he's talking to his son? The living, breathing piece of his DNA that sweats like he does? Because no parent should ever tell his child he wishes he never existed. It's an awful thing to say. Luke utters quietly, "So your advice is to have an abortion the way you would have aborted me." Dan insists on continuing this charade of advice: "You've got a lot of life left to live, Lucas, don't let this girl make the same mistake your mother made." Pause. "'Cause if you do, you'll be paying for it until the day you die." And thus ends the lovely father/son "talk," Dan Scott style. Wow. Who knew someone could be that cruel? Well, what am I saying, it's Dan Scott. He takes evil to a whole new level.

Keith visits Deb at home. They're having coffee. Deb says, "I'm glad you came by. I've been so caught up in my own problems, we haven't had a chance to catch up." Keith launches into the sad-sack story of how he asked Karen to marry him. At first, Deb's ecstatic. But then he gets to the part where Karen said no, and Deb provides the requisite amount of sympathy. The wallowing piano of Keith's discontent plays in the background. Deb apologizes. He says, "You know, you'd never picture it, you run it through your mind over fifteen years, the moment where the woman you love agrees to be your wife." Pause. "You never imagine that she'll say no." Um, fifteen years? FIFTEEN YEARS? It took him fifteen years to propose? Dude deserves to be turned down. He should have said something years ago. Honestly. That's a lifetime of wishing for something you could have figured out would either work or it wouldn't. No offence, but Keith's kind of pathetic right now. I feel bad that Karen doesn't want to marry him, but he should have stood up with some balls before now. Anyway, Deb's a good sister-in-law. She comforts him: "Well, you're still an important part of her life." She continues, "She needs you." Keith: "Maybe she needs me, but she doesn't want me." Deb apologizes, again. Then she asks what Lucas said. Keith admits that he doesn't know if Karen's told Lucas. And, well, Luke's mind is kind of occupied at the moment.

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