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A Surreal Sort of Homecoming

Last week on One Tree Hill, a giant SUV crashed into Keith's truck while he and Lucas were on the way to pick up Karen from the airport. Crash! Dan carried Luke into the hospital. Blood! They had to operate. Flatline. Luke's heart stopped beating.

Blah be someone, blah piece of mind, blah other than what I've been trying to be lately, blah theme song, blah they used to play basketball blah.

The hospital machines are all still showing flatline and blaring that singular note that indicates that Luke's heart has stopped beating. Lights flash in the ER as the surgeon yells for them to charge the paddles to two hundred. A second surgeon does CPR. Luke's heart is still not beating. They shock him. Still flatline. The surgeon asks that the paddles to be charged to three hundred. A nurse gives Luke a gram of epinephrine. After the second shock, they get Luke's heartbeat back, and he returns to normal sinus rhythm.

A bright white light flashes. For a second, I'm scared to death that we're going to be treated to a scene of Luke's near-death experience. He'll be frolicking on the beach with Peyton. Or playing basketball in the NBA -- oh, wait, that would mean that he would actually have to play basketball. Thankfully, we're spared that cheese-fest; the light simply indicates a switch over to Keith getting his head stitched up by the emergency room doctor. Keith asks, "How long will this take?" The doctor replies, "We're just about done here now." He puts a small band-aid on top of Keith's stitches. Keith says, "I don't mean me, I'm talking about my nephew Lucas. How long will he be in surgery?" The entire weight of the hospital -- hell, the entire weight of the hospital plus its patients, gear, and all the doctors -- weighs on Keith's shoulders as the doctor replies, "That depends on his injuries." The doctor walks away, and Keith looks down at his boots. Man, his face is a combination of complete dejection and utter sadness. Okay, and then he pulls out his cell phone and speed-dials. Yes, in the middle of the emergency room, where there are heart monitors and all kinds of other electrical equipment that could, oh, I don't know, save someone's freaking life, Keith uses his cell phone. And then, some guy in the next bed dies from the interference. Silly show, they should at least make Keith go outside to use the phone. Anyway, the phone beep, beep, beeps and Keith takes a deep breath.

Haley rolls off the side of the bed and says, "I'm sorry. What did you just say?" About what? "About the way that we started?" Her cell phone rings mid-sentence. Nathan half-sits up and answers, "Ah, nothing, just that when I first came to you for tutoring I figured the easiest way to mess with Lucas was to hook up with you." Oh, poor Haley; she's had a fight with Lucas, and now she's going to break up with Nathan: "So everything between us has been a lie?" The phone keeps ringing. Then it stops, and her answering machine picks up. Haley's hyper-speed dialogue doesn't help Nathan's cause. He tries to deny it, but she's already three steps ahead before he's even caught on that they're having a fight. "I cannot believe this, Lucas was right about you all along." Keith's voice crackles on the answering machine: "Haley! Pick up. There's been an accident. Lucas is hurt pretty bad. Haley?" This stops the Haley/Nathan argument dead as she jumps over to the side of the bed where the phone is and picks it up, saying, "Keith? Hey." Pause. "He's going to make it, right?" Pause. "Okay. Thanks." Nathan gets up now and says, "Come on, I'll take you to the hospital." The colour drains from Haley's face as she holds the phone in her hand. "I can't talk to you right now, Nathan." He tries to apologize, says that he didn't mean it like that -- asks her to "come on." But she's having none of it. She closes her eyes, waves the phone at him, and tells him to "just go." And if there's one thing we know Haley's good at, it's kicking Nathan the hell out of her bedroom. (Insert Ragdoll waving her hand frantically. "Um, yeah, TPTB?" Focus, we're in the OTH Classroom of Life now. "Yes, Ragdoll." "Yeah, um, where are Haley's parents? And who would let their sixteen-year-old hang out with her boyfriend on her bed on a school night?" Silence from the front of the classroom.) Nathan reluctantly leaves, looking sodden from sadness and wishing he'd put something else in his mouth other than his foot, while Haley beep, beep, beeps away on her phone.

With all of the children in the world staring at them from Peyton's newly decorated bedroom, Brooke says, "Hey, you know you can tell me anything, what is it?" Peyton hesitates for a minute. She's waiting for the perfect moment to tell Brooke about her and Lucas. She stutters and replies, "It's just, there's something you should know." But wait! The phone rings, of course. Peyton answers the phone by saying, "Haley? What's the matter?" Peyton's mouth falls open when she hears the news; she immediately hangs up the phone, grabs her purse, and almost hightails it out of there until Brooke stops her by saying, "Peyton? What?" Only then does Peyton realize that moving on instinct right about now might not be the best course of action, considering that Brooke's still Luke's freaking girlfriend. Stopped dead in her tracks, Peyton turns around and says, "Lucas. There's been an accident. You should go to him." And didn't that just break her heart, because every bone in her body wants to run as fast as she can over to the hospital and make sure Luke's okay.

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