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A Surreal Sort of Homecoming

Keith's back at the hospital, trying to drop off a package for Lucas. The nurse tells him just to go on in, but Keith resists. He gives her the package, and she mentions the note -- the fact that billing has some questions about a payment discrepancy. She says, "They need to talk to Lucas Scott's mother or father." Pause. "That's you, right?" And the light bulb goes off over Keith's head as the angel on his shoulder screams, "Make amends! Make amends!" Keith smiles, and without directly answering her question, he asks, "Which way is the billing department?"

Brooke bounds into Peyton's room, complaining about how the hospital needs a makeover and how it's no wonder everyone there is sick. Um, okay, but is Brooke really this shallow? Oh, Brooke, you were right the other week when you said you weren't good in a crisis. Ain't that the truth -- you're downright annoying. She puts her head on Peyton's shoulder. Peyton asks how Luke's doing. Brooke sighs and says he's the same. She's wearing a bow across her chest -- perhaps a present for when Luke wakes up? Brooke is scared. Peyton asks why. Brooke replies, "I know what the doctors said, I'm just worried he's not going to wake up." Whoa, that's some bad makeup on Brooke. She's wearing piles and piles of rust-coloured eye shadow that would better suit an aging drag queen than a young, hip hottie. Blah don't think that, blah she knows, blah it's just the thought of losing him now, blah tears blah worry blah. If Brooke's this upset and they've only been dating for a month, I can only imagine what it would be like if they had any lasting relationship. Ah, histrionics. You are such a good friend during sweeps. Anyway, Brooke tells Peyton she's going to grab a bite to eat and go back over there, and asks if Peyton wants to come. Peyton makes some bullshit excuse and says no, but that'll she'll go later. Brooke calls her on it: "You've been saying that for two days." Peyton contemplates her sketch pad as Brooke continues, "I know it's hard for you." You do? "I know your mom died in that hospital, but Lucas needs his friends right now, even if it's hard to be around him in that place. He's worth the trouble." Oh, as if that's the reason -- poor Brooke, she knows so little of the eventual heartbreak from this whole misguided love triangle situation. Peyton says, "Yes, he is. I'll try to come by tomorrow." Brooke hugs her, says she's the best, and then leaves; she's off to cry some more at the bedside of the boy she thinks is almost in love with her too.

Karen sits by Luke's bed, reading basketball statistics. We're into the second day now, and she still hasn't been home or changed her clothes. I'm assuming she has her suitcases at the hospital because she went right there from the airport, so she could have changed, but whatever. Brooke bounces into the hospital room, teasing, "You a big basketball fan?" She's carrying a big cardboard "Get Well Soon" card. Oh Lord. How sixteen-year-old girl. Heh. She says, "I've been suffering through Salinger for him -- would it kill him to read a little Jackie Collins." Brooke takes another horrific picture remnant of the decorating in Harvey's restaurants during the '80s, and puts it on the wall. Karen comes around, asking if she made the card, which by looking at it's large cursive writing and sparkles is an affirmative. There's a picture of Brooke in her cheerleader outfit in the centre, flanked by two strips of those dollar-booth pictures. Brooke figured this summer-camp-grade vanity project would be "nice for Lucas when he wakes up." She explains, "That's us at a Bear Creek game, and those are coasters from where I kicked his butt playing pool." Karen examines the poster for a minute and says, "Nothing from the tattoo parlour." Brooke apologizes: "Okay, that's totally on me. He's just so serious all the time. You know, that I thought a tattoo might lighten him up." Karen asks, "You couldn't take him to a comedy?" Brooke nods, "So you're not a big tattoo fan." Karen: "Not on my son, no." Brooke says she's sorry, and then adds, "I think I could probably set myself on fire and my mom wouldn't notice, so it's kind of hard for me to remember that some moms would." Oh no, Brooke's bonding with the mom; there's no immediate spark like between Karen and Peyton, but it's a little glimmer of hope. At least Brooke's done totally embarrassing herself for now.

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