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A Surreal Sort of Homecoming

Haley and Peyton arrive at the River Courts to find all kinds of people doing chalk drawings "for Lucas." Um, when did he get so popular? And who are all these people? Haley says, "Is that Tim?" Dim scribbles something frantically on the asphalt. She's astonished: "He's always been such an ass to Lucas." Maybe that's his way of saying he's sorry. Haley says quietly, "Why am I not surprised Nathan isn't here." She half-scoffs, and walks toward the courts to take a better look. Jake! comes up to Peyton and says, "You've got to love watching people make sense out of the way they feel for Lucas." Peyton jokes, "Who knew Tim could spell, right?" He laughs. Jake looks at Peyton for a second, kind of like she's the girl he's sort of interested in, but doesn't really know how to approach the whole situation. He asks her how she's doing. Peyton says she's hanging in there. Jake! looks at her and offers some of his own brand of support: "Look, I know we don't really run together, but if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm around." Um, TPTB? Yeah, if Jake! needs someone to run with, I'll gladly volunteer.

Nathan's wearing a red warm-up suit that says "Baller." I'm frustrated that the only basketball these guys play now is either on their clothes or in front of their houses. Anyway, he shoots and misses. Peyton comes up to him and says, "Those free throws look like crap." Nathan shakes his head and smiles: "I'm glad to see you're picking up the slack in my dad's absence." He's not around? Nathan confirms, "Yeah, he moved out, my parents are getting a divorce." Peyton apologizes; she didn't know. Nathan tells her it's all right and that they "suck together anyways." Which is kind of true. Nathan reverts back to his asshole days with the next words out of his mouth: "Speaking of, what are you doing here?" Peyton replies, "Haley, actually. Um, I don't know what you did to her, but I do know that she's the best thing that ever happened to you." He asks if Peyton's including herself in that statement. Peyton nods. Then she walks over to the bench that sits in the driveway and sits down as Nathan admits that she's right about Haley. Nathan looks like a giant sports-inspired clown in that crazy get-up. Peyton asks, "So what happened?" Nathan says, "I told her that I only went after her at first to screw with Lucas." Peyton calls him a jackass. Nathan nods in agreement, and then he says, "But it hasn't been about that for me and Haley for a long time." Peyton tells him that Haley needs his help, that she can't face Lucas. He doesn't think that's really his place: "I mean, Lucas isn't exactly my biggest fan, right." Peyton says, "That doesn't mean you couldn't try, for Haley." See, here's Peyton again, being there for Lucas, because he'd want Haley there; she's his best friend. Nathan says, "So is this advice for me, or for you?" Pause. Nathan rubs his hands along the legs of his track suit and laughs, "Well, this is kind of weird, huh? The two of us talking about each other's relationships." Peyton giggles nervously and admits, "It's all weird." Where's her dad? Isn't he supposed to be home by now? I know that's a completely unrelated thought, but give me a break, my mind's all over the place in this recap.

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