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A Surreal Sort of Homecoming

A well-dressed, attractive woman comes into Dan Scott Motors and admires a car. Of course, this prompts Dan to come out of his office and say, "That car's perfect for you!" She traces her hand over the sports car, and answers flirtatiously, "How's that?" Dan answers, "Smooth lines, sleek styling -- Dan Scott." He holds out his hand; she says it's a pleasure to meet him. She continues, "Cynthia Price, your wife's new attorney." Dan immediately drops his hand. Cynthia says, "I came here to tell you that I've read the mediation agreement and I think that it's more than fair. I wanted to give you a last chance to accept it." Dan tells her that he's got a lot invested in his life, in his family, and, I quote: "Deb's not getting rid of me that easily." Cynthia asks, "Is that love talking or just a bruised ego?" Dan replies brazenly, "Roll the dice and find out. But first, go back to your client and ask if she's ready for what'll come out about her if she does go to trial." Again, this is the way to smooth over things with him and Deb? To strong-arm her into taking him back? Cynthia nods, then says, "See you in court," as she walks out of the shop.

With crossed arms and a heavy heart, and still wearing that ridiculous red track suit, Nathan arrives at Luke's hospital room. He sits down and says, "Hey man, I kind of need to talk to you." Pause. "So, I'm here because everything's screwed up. I know you don't trust me with Haley, but I like her a lot, you know. She's hurting right now too." The strangest thing about this whole scene is that they're brothers, and that must make Nathan feel awkward. Anyway, he continues, "She needs you to open your eyes, man. She feels like she can't be forgiven, and I'm sort of in the same place." Luke lies there, immobile. Nate glances over at Karen, who is sleeping in a chair covered with a hospital blanket. Nathan leans over and puts his hands down on the bed, next to Luke's hands. And more for his own benefit than for Luke's, I think, he says, "You know, this accident might not turn out so bad. You can take a break from the game, from the pressure, people's expectations." Only that's never really been a problem for Luke. He plays because he loves the game. Nathan says quietly, "I wish I had that chance. This might be hard to believe but maybe you're the lucky one. You can get out." Luke's fingers brush Nate's hand, and his eyes open slowly. His throat is absolutely hoarse as he asks for water. Nathan gets it for him, and then gives it to him slowly. Luke asks, "What are you doing here?" Nathan replies, "Long story. I'll get your mom."

Nathan walks over to Karen and shakes her awake. She too is surprised to see Nathan there. He says, "I think Lucas wants to talk to you." Karen pulls the blanket off and rushes over to her son, saying, "Wake up, Lucas, come on, talk to me." He whisper-sings, "Don't take my sunshine away." Karen smiles, "You heard that." Luke says, "I'm glad you're back, Mom." Karen says, "You too! Now I can kill you for that tattoo." Heh.

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