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A Surreal Sort of Homecoming

When Haley sees Nathan arrive at the Café, she tells him that she's "not in the mood right now." He stands there and says, "Lucas is awake. I was there when he opened his eyes. I went to see him." Why? "Because I knew you couldn't. And I wanted him to know that you were thinking about him." Oh boy, more waterworks, and it's not Brooke. It's me -- can I blame my watery eyes on lack of sleep? Yeah, that's the story I'm going with -- lack of sleep has made my eyes dry, and I'm just giving them a bit of moisture. Ahem. Right, recapping. Nathan continues, "I know it was wrong to go after you for the reasons I did, and I can't apologize for it, but I'm not that person anymore. And that's because of you. Let me take you to him." And when holds out his hand, Haley looks at him with big, crocodile tears in her pretty brown eyes.

Okay, it's montage time.

Keith looks at a beautiful diamond engagement ring that represents everything that he can't have in his future. He shuts the lid.

Peyton puts the finishing touches on a graphic of a heart in flames with the number three in the centre -- it's her tribute to Lucas.

Karen walks into Dan Scott Motors. She sees Dan, and he immediately goes on the defensive. He says, "It had to be the consent forms, he needed surgery. You have a right to be upset --" But before he can say anything else, she hugs him so hard it actually shuts him up, and Dan's face is a mixture of stunned and sort of moved at the same time. Karen pulls away and says quietly, "Thank you." He nods, and she leaves.

Haley finally goes to the hospital. Brooke sits on the bed next to Lucas, who is now well enough to sit up -- after having surgery on his spleen and lungs -- but whatever, it wasn't a real car accident, it was just a plot device. Brooke gets up, and Haley takes her place. Lucas says, "Hey buddy." And Haley falls into the crook of his arm, crying. He says, "I missed you." Brooke looks at the scene and smiles in a strange sort of melodramatic way, and looks at Nathan, who stands in the door, watching.

Karen arrives home and turns on the light. There's a sign in the kitchen that says, "We missed you!" The flowers Keith so lovingly placed on the table are dried out and falling apart. She puts her bags down, collapses into a chair, and starts to cry and cry and cry.

Next week: Luke tells Brooke he needs some time to figure some stuff out. He walks past Peyton's flaming heart on the River Courts. Brooke says, "Are you breaking up with me?" Deb and Dan go into court, and the battle really begins. Oh, and Luke makes out with Peyton in front of the web cam. Of course, Brooke sees this and confronts the two of them. Instead of waterworks, we'll be treated to fireworks next week.

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