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A Surreal Sort of Homecoming

Karen runs into the waiting room and jumps into Keith's arms. She whisper-cries, "Keith! Oh, I'm so glad you're okay." They embrace. Then they let go. I note that Keith should probably hang onto this moment; he's going to need to remember what it feels like to hug Karen. He might not get the opportunity to do so for quite some time. She cries, "Where is he?" He says, "I'm so sorry. I didn't see the other car --" Karen turns away and panics: "Where's the operating room, I need someone to tell me what's happening." Keith says calmly, "They asked us to wait here and they're going to let us know when he gets into recovery." Karen starts babble-crying about having to get a cab and paying with euros, and then she says, "He's got to be all right, Keith. I won't lose him." Her voice cracks. The tears stream, and she cries, "I can't." Keith whisper-soothes, "I know, I know." Then he spots a doctor and asks if he knows anything about Lucas. Faux-Carter says, "Dr. Hill is an excellent surgeon. The kid's lucky his father got him here so fast." And there goes the root beer out my nose. Karen stutter-cries, "His uncle --" The doctor corrects her: "No, his father, he may have saved your son's life." And with that, he walks away -- no status report, no "it'll be X number of minutes until he's out of surgery," nothing except a cock-and-bull story about how Dan's Superman routine might have saved his life. Oh, this show!

Karen turns to Keith for an explanation: "Dan saw the accident. He pulled Lucas out of the car and then he drove us here." Karen whisper-squeaks, "Dan?" Keith continues, "Yeah, Lucas was in bad shape, so he couldn't wait, and, um, Dan gave surgeon permission to operate." Karen whisper-asks, "How could he?" Keith replies, "He said he was Lucas's father." Before Karen can ingest this gem, or before she can feel the ice forming under her feet as hell freezes over, a hysterical Brooke comes rushing into the waiting room, bawling, "Keith! Keith! Is he okay?" Keith turns to her and says, "Oh, honey, we don't know yet." She starts ranting hysterically and crying uncontrollably, and where's the sassy Brooke when you need her, because this baby-sucky-faced one is totally annoying. She splutters, "I was supposed to see him tonight, he was supposed to come over after the airport." Keith turns to Karen and says, "This is Brooke." Then Brooke splutter-introduces herself to Karen: "I'm Brooke, Lucas's girlfriend." Karen's eyes widen.

But before she has time to ingest that gem, Faux-Corday comes in asking who's there for Lucas Scott. Karen announces that she's his mother, and asks if he's okay. Corday tells her that Luke's stable and now in recovery. The doctor continues, "He needed a lot of work. His right lung collapsed and needed to be repaired. I had to remove his spleen but there shouldn't be any long-term repercussions." Does that mean he'll be fine? "He'll need physical therapy to his shoulder; it separated in the crash. But we were able to reset it. Other than that he has a concussion and some bruising." The Dramatic He's Out of Danger Music plays as the doctor tells Karen about how Luke's heart stopped beating, a "complication" that happened during surgery. Now, all they have to do is wait for him to wake up. Karen: "When will that be?" Faux-Corday says, "Could be a couple of hours, could be a couple of days. That's up to him." When my cousin was Luke's age, a couple years after we had lost my mom in a car accident, he had a crash similar to this one. Like Luke, he was in a coma for a bit, and then just like that, he woke up, pulled the tubes out of his arms, and started to walk out of the hospital. Funny how differently the body reacts in different situations; its resiliency is amazing -- perhaps not as amazing as what Luke ends up looking like by the end of the episode, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Anyway, he ended up dead for a millisecond. Damn you, WB, and your misleading promos! Like, that's barely a cliffhanger. But then again, should we be surprised -- everything moves at hyper-speed on this show, and it's totally fitting that Luke's life should really only be hanging in the balance for the first three seconds. Keith embraces Karen and kisses the top of her head after the doctor leaves.

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