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A Surreal Sort of Homecoming

The next day, Peyton shows up at Karen's Café, where Haley's busy with work, of all things. She asks, "Haley, what are you doing?" Haley answers with a clipped "Inventory." Peyton says, "Lucas is lying in a hospital bed, why can't you just go see him?" Haley continues to contemplate the clipboard and the bags of beans she's so not counting. "Because he wouldn't want to see me." Peyton is confused: "Why not? You guys are best friends." Haley turns around to face her, clipboard at the ready, and explains, "Not last night we weren't. We got in a fight." Peyton asks, "About what?" Haley admits, "You --" And that blows my theory that Luke told Peyton about it and that's how she knew that Haley knew, but whatever. There are bigger issues to be concerned with this episode, like boyfriend in a coma, oh no, oh no, it's serious. Haley continues, "Him, and Brooke." Pause. "The last thing I said to him was, 'I don't like the person you're becoming and the next time I see you, don't talk to me.'" For once, Peyton's the most logical person in the room. How shocking is that? She says, "You didn't mean that." Haley steps forward and asks, "Peyton. What if I can't take it back? What if he doesn't forgive me?" Peyton insists, "He will, but you just need to see him." Haley makes a pained face, so Peyton continues, "Listen, whenever you're ready, I'll go to the hospital with you, strength in numbers." Haley agrees, thanks Peyton, and then tells her that she'll see her later. I guess that's Peyton's cue to leave. Again, these two are on speed-friendship terms; they bonded quickly, they talk quickly, and they have the shortest, most intense conversations I've ever seen.

Deb shows up at the hospital carrying a basket of food. She quietly says "hi" to Karen, who's still wearing the same clothes she had on when she arrived home from Italy. Deb says, "Nathan told me about Lucas. I'm so sorry. How is he?" The two of them walk toward the waiting room chairs as Karen says, "He's still unconscious, but the doctor's say his vital signs are strong." Deb thinks that's good news, and that she figured Karen hadn't had a chance to grab any food. The two of them sit, and Deb goes through the basket. Karen says, "I'm really not that hungry." A giant photograph of a serene mountain adorns the wall of the Faux-ER. It's hideous. Deb pulls out a thermos and tells Karen she can at least offer her some half-decent coffee. While she undoes the top, she says, "I don't want you to worry about anything other than Lucas. I'll take care of the café as long as you need." Karen's voice almost cracks when she thanks Deb. You've got to hand it to these Scott women, they sure are well-versed in how to deal with tragedy. Karen waxes sad-philosophical for a minute: "All night I sat up watching Lucas thinking I'm the one who can't wake up. This has to be some sort of a dream." Yeah, it's called motherhood and maternity leave, but you look good by the way, Moira. "'Cause if this isn't a dream, it's got to be some sort of punishment." Deb asks, "Punishment for what?" Karen replies, "For being selfish. If I hadn't have gone to Italy this wouldn't have happened." Deb plays the supportive friend role very well: "You can't think that way. This is not your fault." Karen half-laughs, and continues, "And if you had told me yesterday that the Scott brother that I would feel grateful to was Dan I would have said you were crazy." Now it's Deb's turn to be confused: "What do you mean?" Karen asks, "He didn't tell you?" Tell her what? "Dan brought Lucas to the hospital. If it wasn't for him Lucas wouldn't have made it."

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