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A Surreal Sort of Homecoming

Dan shows up at Karen's Café, and Deb's surprised to see him because he was supposed to meet her at the mediator's office. Dan says, "I wanted to tell you in person, I'm not going." Deb sighs, "We both agreed to mediation." Dan says cuttingly, "We also both agreed to 'til death do us part and you didn't have any trouble backing out of that one." Ouch. Deb doesn't say anything. So Dan keeps talking: "And maybe you're wrong about what's best for this family too." Deb insists, "What family? We haven't been one in a long time." He counters with a little "That doesn't mean we can't be one again." Boy, they are setting the stage for this to be u-g-l-y ugly between the two of them. Dan continues, "We chose each other, we built a life together. Doesn't that mean anything to you?" Deb shakes her head: "Don't put this on me, Dan. We've both made mistakes, it's time we corrected them." They've filmed this whole scene with tight headshots on Dan and Deb. It's unnerving to see him so intense and up close. Dan bites out, "Our marriage was not a mistake. And Nathan is too important to me to just see him on weekends. He needs both of us." And. He's. Slipping. Losing. His. Grip. On. His. Son. Deb threatens, "Don't make me hire a lawyer." And Dan lobs one right back at her: "I'm asking you not to, and I'm asking you to remember when you were the one who needed forgiveness. When you were the one who almost lost this family." Deb whisper-loses it: "That was a long time ago." The Skeletons in the Closet start to shake again. They're dancing. Brushing off the dust. He says, "Exactly. And we made it through that, and I'm glad we did, so don't throw us away. Give us one more chance." Is he threatening her as a way of winning her back? Is this a tactic he thinks will actually work? Deb thinks for a minute and then says, "I'm all out of chances, Dan." His face is stone when he says, "I may not show it the way you want, but this family is my life. I'm not giving up." He insists, "I won't agree to a divorce." And then he walks away, leaving Deb behind to wonder how in the hell she ever fell in love with that creep.

Wow! It's been a while since we were on top of the café at the homemade putt-putt course. Haley is sitting by herself; she's wearing a tea cosy on her head. Peyton comes up behind her and says, "Deb said I might find you up here." Haley says hey. Peyton tells her the place is "cool." Blah she and Lucas, blah built it, blah when it was, blah the two of them against the world blah. "I'm sorry I ran out of the hospital." Peyton tells her not to "sweat" it. Then she kicks the picnic table and continues, "I'm probably not the best person to be giving moral support anyway." Pause. "Maybe if you went with Nathan." Haley barks, "Nathan!" Then she calms down a bit and explains, "And I are taking a little break." What happened? Haley runs down the whole "using her to get to Lucas" scenario. Which sucks, yes, but it's totally not what they're relationship has ended up being, so maybe, just maybe, Haley needs to let it go? Peyton echoes my thoughts exactly: "I don't believe that. I know Nathan. And he's into you." Haley tries to convince herself when she says, "It doesn't matter." And even more so when she continues, "Anyway, why do you think you're no good for moral support." See, she's trying to change the subject. It's okay, though, because Peyton rolls with it: "You said that you were disappointed in Lucas for betraying Brooke, and I just figured you felt the same way about me." At some point, Peyton sat down on the bench, so she's looking at Haley, who's facing sideways. Haley says, "Actually, no, I don't. I know what it's like to need Lucas in your life." Huh? Anyone understand that? Peyton tells Haley that she never lets herself need anyone, ever. Not since her mom died: "But with Lucas, he looks at me and he really sees me, you know, right down into my soul." With those beady little broody eyes of his -- yawn. Haley says, "I just want to tell him that I love him and I'm sorry." Peyton admits, "I just want to tell him that I'm in love with him." The two girls smile at one another -- oh, the wonder of Lucas, the wonder of the power of his love. Yawn.

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