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Dan says, "Nathan's got a shot here, Keith." Keith looks down at the desk. "Yeah, he's got a real future." Then he looks at his brother: "Ever think about Luke's future? Ever think about that?" Dan: "I can't change the fact this kid exists. If I could I would. The truth is I told Karen I'd take care of it, she wouldn't --" He stops there as Luke comes in after hearing only the really bad part of the conversation. Luke looks like he just swallowed his own murder of crows. Kind of a cross between really mad because it tastes awful and really hurt because it just won't go down the right way. He throws the keys to the tow truck and takes off. That's the first normal teenage reaction I've seen in the show so far -- good for you, CMM, well done.

Enter the pensive montage portion of the show. Daylight fades. Lucas has turned back into Reminem. He walks. Peyton stares into space. He walks. Peyton stares. He walks. She stares. He arrives at the gym. He tells Nathan, "Tomorrow night, at midnight -- at the riverfront. But if I win, I'm going to want something else."

Dan's dealership is huge. He walks through the gallery floor, blabbing on about loving some car. He's a total salesman, the absolute anti-Willy Loman. He arrives in his office to find Karen. He snits, "I'm guessing you're not car shopping." She gets all pissy: "He's a boy who wants to play basketball, reluctantly. I find it horrifying and amusing that after all these years it takes something as simple as that to bring you around." He walks toward Karen and says, "I'm only thinking of the kid." Well, that sets her right off. She tells him he's got no right to think of Luke at all, and that they've asked nothing of him from day one, and Dan's delivered in "true form." Dan wants to know why Karen would humiliate her "kid" by letting him play. Karen retorts, "You're right, Dan, why would I do that -- you've done it quite enough." Seems like being from the wrong side of the tracks really breeds the fight in a person. You go, Karen.

Nathan comes out of the bathroom. Dan stops him, but before he says what's really on his mind, he notices Nathan's nipple ring. Ew. Dan cracks, "If I wanted a daughter, I'd adopt one." Honestly? I'm so glad ignorance like this still exists, because, well, we'd have no one to mock, would we? Nathan says, "Why, so you could abandon her too?" Then he covers up his own animosity by saying, "It's just a joke, Dad." ["That joke would have landed me in traction if I'd told it my father. Not that Dan doesn't deserve it, but still. Shut up, jackass." -- Sars] Dan tries to tell Nathan not to play against Luke. He wants to do this for himself, no matter what his dad thinks. Oh, and then Peyton walks out of the bathroom just wearing a towel. Yes, a towel. From the bathroom. In the house owned by her boyfriend's parents. In a towel. In full view of her boyfriend's father. Wearing only a towel. Dan just raises his eyebrows and walks away, because he's such a great parent.

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