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The kids and their parents are in the coach's office with the police and the man I'm assuming is the principal or vice-principal. They keep flashing back to a murky version of last night's events where the cops rounded up the kids after their joy ride. The long and short of the matter: stealing the bus, getting drunk, and almost killing yourselves by ramming said bus into a train -- not such good things to do when you want to play varsity basketball. Everyone gets suspended from the team except Jake Gegowski, Ruben Coterez, Tim Smith, and Nathan Scott. Ain't it funny how life works? You're the star on the high school basketball team, your father has mad cash, you get to stay on the team even though you were the ringleader and should be the one they punish. Now, what kind of lesson is that to teach the youth of today? When Nathan's name is called, his father gives him a knowing don't-worry-son-I took-care-of-this look. What crap. So neither Nathan nor his father has a sliver of moral awareness Yeah, they're great role models for a community.

Coach Whitey walks outside, away from the meeting that just took place. Dan follows him outside to bitch him out about what just happened in there: "Half the team suspended, Nathan triple-teamed for the rest of the season and you say nothing?" Are we all forgetting the point here? The point is that they're kids who broke the law and need to be punished. Whitey stands tall: "The inmates will not run the asylum." You go, Whitey. I'll back you up. Here's the funniest line yet tonight; Dan, who must have paid the cops to make sure Nathan doesn't get in trouble says, "You're despicable, you know that?" Whitey shakes his head and smiles ironically. Dan continues, "Letting the dreams of this team just vanish. You're full of crap." Whitey walks away, but only after he replies, "It comes with old age, Danny. Constipation." Heh.

Riverside Courts. Lucas sinks yet another basket in the long line of basket-sinking that'll go on this season. Junk says, "You guys remember Tom Dougan from grade school?" Lucas has changed his hoodie. It's now red. CMM's hair has so much product in it I'm surprised the hoods don't stick to his head like Krazy Glue. Lucas says, "He used to live next door to you, right?" Junk replies, "Some guy snapped him with a wet towel in practice and he lost a testicle." The guys laugh. It must be Saturday because it feels like it's almost early in the morning. The whole Lucas Crew is there, including the annoying commentators. The game hasn't started yet; they're just goofing off. Skills asks, "So what you reading right now?" Lucas says, "Steinbeck. The Winter of Our Discontent." Skills wants Lucas to tell him about it, I'm guessing, because if by "come on, let's hear it" he means for CMM to recite the book by memory, I might have to burn all the books in my library. There's no point in reading anymore. It doesn't mean anything when it's degraded like this. Heh. Anyway. Peyton drives by in her convertible. Her hair flies all over the place. She's listening to very loud music. They all drool. Except Lucas, who just stares after her like he's the one who is constipated and not Whitey. Then Junk says, "Have you seen her web cam? I hear she's naked on it like all the time." The guys all laugh; apparently Junk fills out the bullshit quotient for this group of guys. Lucas says, "I saw her the other night. She almost ran me over, of course." Skills: "She's pretty fine." Lucas: "She's all right." Blah blah blah they're meant for each other blah.

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