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My Life as a Cheerleader

Brooke's left behind, eating ice cream. There's a soft knock on the door, and Brooke yells, "Just leave the cake and go." Karen comes in and tells her that they're safe; all the other girls have had chicken pox. Brooke says sarcastically, "Teresa always was a beat behind." Karen sits down on the other bed and asks Brooke how she's doing. Brooke answers honestly: "Pretty crappy. I put all my energy into this competition and it made me feel really good for a few days. It took my mind off of everything. Now I'm back to square one." Karen says they haven't had a chance to talk since she and Lucas broke up. Blah she's really sorry blah. Brooke says quietly, "It's his loss, right?" Karen nods her head: "He probably knows that." Pause. "And I know it doesn't seem like it, but I bet you and Peyton will get through this." Pause for a minute so Karen can take a breath for the pep talk. "And now, from a former Ravens cheer captain to another, I think you have taken these girls too far to give up." Brooke says the routine's for ten girls, and that without Teresa there are only nine, so unless she can pull a cheerleader out of her ass -- and in walks Peyton with Haley in tow. Haley says, "I make no apologies to my lack of coordination. It's genetic." Brooke looks at Karen and says, "It's impossible." Peyton's got that goofy smile on her face that she's had the whole weekend. She says, "But Brooke, you're the captain. You just need to get off your ass and stop pouting." Brooke replies, "We'd have to practice all night." She looks at Karen, "We'd have to break curfew." Karen smiles and says that if anyone asks, she was never there. Now, Brooke's back, people! Down goes the tub of ice cream to melt all over the hotel room night table. Up goes the sweat suit! She barks that they'll need black coffee because "sleep is [their] enemy," and they'll definitely need to do something about Haley's hair.

Downstairs, the b-ball boys make their way past the Secret Sparkle table. Surprisingly, all resist the urge to make a joke about how deodorant is sponsoring a cheerleading competition. Jake! and Luke walk together. Jake wonders how come Luke's not hanging out with Haley. And Luke snits, "Yeah, she's probably with Nathan." Speak of the devil, Nate comes up then and yells for Tim, who is standing in front of the rest of the cheerleading squad. With a huge grin on his face, Dim says, "So you ladies finally escaped psycho Brooke, huh?" Of course, Brooke comes up behind him right at that minute and whisper-threatens, "I told you to leave my squad alone!" She shoves Dim out of the way and says to the squad, "Ravens, we're back on!" The faces of all the girls fall as they unhappily fall in line. The boys watch them go with heavy hearts. Jake says, "It's a sad state of affairs when our own cheerleaders ditch us." Dim says all is not lost; he knows a "place" where they don't check IDs. He has a goofy grin on his face when he also mentions that checking identifications isn't the only "loose" thing about the club. Nathan's sick of the innuendo: "Tim, why don't you just call it a strip club." Jake says, "How are we going to get in?" Dim says they'll all pitch in ten bucks and he'll grease the bouncer. Nathan quips, "And after that you can bribe him." Heh.

With Haley now ensconced in the line-up, the cheerleaders are practicing for tomorrow's competition. Brooke gives Haley some bitchy pointers, something about clapping hands and jumping feet. Blah Haley's really trying blah. Clare Young comes up behind them, slowly clapping in that really patronizing way. She says in a whiny-annoying voice, "Ohhh, cute routine, girls. Too bad those moves are so '03." She steps forward: "Where'd you find your choreographer? In the yellow pages under 'S' for 'sucks'?" Oh, she's whip-smart, that Clare Young. Or not. Yawn. Brooke steps forward, ready for a challenge: "No, actually that's where I found your boyfriend." Clare Young looks like a clown, she's wearing so much makeup. She could save an entire cheer nation if she just spread it out a little bit. It's hideous. Anyway. Clare Young is a shrimp, because when she stands in front of Brooke, she's a half-head shorter, so when Peyton comes up to stand in between the two, she looks like an mini-cheerleader. Oh, and Peyton's got Brooke's "back." She tells Clare Young to step off. Clare's big comeback consists of a well-pointed "whatever." But then she giggles and calls out for the girls to remember their "jazz fingers." Thus, the Secret Showdown of '04 ends -- until they meet again, of course, this time on the mats. Haley says under her breath, "I'll give you a jazz finger." Brooke turns back to the girls and tells them Clare's probably just mad because her routine sucks.

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