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My Life as a Cheerleader

But then, Mouth shows up and says, "Actually it's good. I've seen it." This gets Brooke's attention: "How good?" Mouth: "Lots of spins, some tumbles." Brooke says, "Give me some information I can use, Mouth. What are the moves exactly?" Mouth, always up for a challenge, busts a serious move and replays most of the team's routine. He claps. He hops. Then he jumps, touches his toes, shakes his ass, and finishes with a round-off that would make most gymnasts jealous. The girls watch with looks of shock and awe on their faces. Brooke says, "That is good! Do you want to replace Tutor Girl?" Mouth says, "Um, no thanks. Oh, and by the way, three other teams are using Junior Senior." And now, Brooke has a breakdown. Her first plan? To pull a Tonya Harding and hit Clare Young with a big stick. Heh. Peyton calms her down: "You're a better choreographer than Clare Young's ever been. We still have time to win it. Just teach us some new moves." What about our song? "You handle the moves. I'll take care of the song."

The boys are inside the strip club. Nathan and Dim sit down right in front of the stage. Perverts Row, if you will. Luke joins Jake and asks if he's drinking vodka. Jake smiles and says it's just water. But that he's wished for stronger in the past few days. Luke: "Tough week?" Jake! tells Luke that Jenny's mom popped up. Take note that Luke doesn't know that Nikki is Jenny's mom. And Jake! doesn't know that Luke, well, got busy with Nikki, so let's pause for a moment and reflect on the future fireworks of that situation. Anyway. Jake! doesn't want to talk about Nikki. He doesn't get nights like "this" very often, and he doesn't want her to ruin them. So, their meeting obviously went poorly. Jake! asks what's up with Luke and his love life. Luke tells him not much. Jake says, "Then there's Nathan and Haley." Luke replies, "Haley could be with anybody and I'd be happy for her" -- he looks over at Nathan and Dim, who are cackling, giddy with anticipation of naked women straddling a pole -- "even Tim," he continues, "but Nathan?" Jake! says, "Luke, Nathan's not my favourite guy, and if Haley sees something in him, there must be something there." Luke looks at Jake! as he continues, "She's got good taste in people, right?" Luke nods knowingly, but before they can continue their conversation, a group of women screeches like there's no tomorrow. Well, it's Ladies Night at the Peppermint Zebra. Heh. No wonder it was so easy for them to get in. Right on cue, two totally buff male strippers make their way down the runway and pull off their Velcro pants right in front of Nathan and Dim, who, of course, start groaning, moaning, and covering their eyes. Nathan shakes his head in disgust at Dim, and Jake! and Luke avert their eyes with a good chuckle.

Well, the girls are still at it. Peyton's hard at work burning a CD. Brooke's counting up and down to eight. She barks, claps, slaps, moves, and grooves. Bam! She tells Beven to do a high kick and "Tutor Girl" to do a diagonal. Haley stops for a second: "What's a diagonal?" Cue Mouth slapping his hands together and slamming his arms into said diagonal. Brooke thanks him and keeps on going. Peyton hands Brooke the CD. She says, "Ripped and burned! You can bet no one's going to have this." Brooke takes it from her and says, "This better be good." Peyton nods and says, "You're welcome." Heh. Brooke walks over to the boom box and says, "If we get this right to the music, I'll spring for escorts, guys."

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