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My Life as a Cheerleader

The boys make their way back to the hotel. They're laughing and being teenagers. Nathan splits off from the group, and Luke says, "Hey, the hotel's this way!" Nathan tells him he's just going to check out the gym. Luke asks if he can go with him, and surprisingly Nathan says okay.

They arrive in the gym. Nathan says it'll be lit up tomorrow. He continues, "Dad's not going to be here so I figure I'll go for season highs just to piss him off." Where is he, anyway? "Lawyers told him to skip a game to show he's not controlled by basketball. So he brought in a satellite dish so he could get the live feed." Oh and corporate whore number two? Gatorade. They're sponsoring The Classic. Luke wishes he was out there, but the way he feels, he doesn't think he'll be back. Nathan says, "There's always other sports. You don't need arms to suck at soccer." Pause. "I busted my elbow a couple years ago. I was playing again in, like, six weeks." Ohh, what a man. He worked through the pain. Yawn. Blah brotherly advice, blah deal with the pain, blah shoot through the pain, blah eventually it'll get easier blah. Luke asks if he's been working on his fade-away. Nathan replies, "Fade-away's soft. Look, if the game is on the line and the rock is in my hand, I'm going to the hole, every time, that's my game."

Brooke's sweet-talked the night manager and got the hot tub opened up. The girls are relaxing after reworking their entire routine. In walks Peyton with a freshly dressed Haley wearing a new uniform. They've got her hair up in a ponytail, and she's kind of glowing. Brooke says, "Tutor Girl, you look bitchin'!" Haley giggles and says, "Yeah! I kind of do, don't I!" Brooke smiles: "Now get your suit! Hot tub therapy, both of you." Nathan comes up behind them and says incredulously, "Haley?" She turns around and tells him she's kind of filling in for Teresa. He leans in and says, "Works for me, I've got a thing for cheerleaders," then he kisses her -- but their pristine non-make-out session is interrupted by Dim, who tackles Nathan, which ends up with both boys landing in the pool. Haley laughs. The cheerleaders dive in with the boys. Lots of giggling and silly play fights start. Cheerleaders squeal. Basketball boys toss them around. Luke arrives and sees Haley in the uniform. She smiles and says, "They needed an extra! What do you think?" He looks her up and down and replies, "I think you look kind of ridiculous." Haley says coldly, "You do realize that both of your former girlfriends are cheerleaders. Oh right, excuse me, I guess I'm not allowed to have any fun." Luke insists that's not it. Haley says it is: "I'm having a good time, I'm happy. You'd think my friends would be happy too." Nathan yells, "Haley, get in!" Then he tosses Dim and dunks him under the water. But wait! It's Woda, and he's a stealth fighter! Whitey silently shows up behind Luke, who is totally taken aback -- he actually jumps out of his skin and says "whoa!" Woda looks mad. Like, red steam and fury barrelling out of his ears mad. He glares at the idiots in the pool, and for a moment, I think even the water is afraid to move.

After the break, Woda's totally pissed. He's screaming and screaming and screaming. The veins in his head are alive with overworked blood and powered by rage. He yells, "How in the hell am I going to win a ball game with hungover idiots? I don't know why you got on the damn bus in the first place if you weren't going to take this seriously!" The camera cuts to a very contrite Karen and Larry, sitting on a couch, getting their ears chewed off by Whitey. He screams, "And you call yourselves chaperones! It's pathetic!" Whitey's all out of words, he dismisses them with a grunt and a hand wave and grumbles his way out the door. Karen and Larry can't contain themselves anymore. They just start giggling. Wouldn't you? Ah, Woda, you're wicked.

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