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My Life as a Cheerleader

The bus has arrived from Charlotte. All the cheerleaders hug Mouth and thank him for all his help. He's in his element. Brooke walks up and says part of her trophy belongs to him. He jokes that they can share it; you know, each have it on alternate weekends and stuff. But Brooke's not letting it out of her sight. Haley runs up to Brooke and gives her back the uniform. The medley music starts up. Brooke says, "Thanks, Haley." Of course, that's touching! Haley says to herself, "Did she just call me 'Haley'?" Blah wrap up, blah Nathan/Luke, blah he would have hit the shot, blah with or without the fade-away, blah get his ass back on the court, blah they're actually having a conversation blah. Haley walks up and says, "Hey! This is a first." Some random guy shouts, "Hey! Haley!" She says a confused "hey" back to him. Nathan asks who he is, but she doesn't have a clue. Luke jokes, "Well, I guess that's a first too." Blah goodbye hugs blah. Blah jokes about Haley in the cheerleading uniform blah.

Peyton and Luke stand together watching Larry flirting with Karen; they're totally laughing, joking, and looking like they're right into each other. Luke sees this and replies, "Yeah, weird," to Peyton's, "This is totally weird." Only his face isn't happy, considering he's thinking about Keith and stuff. Brooke sees Peyton and Luke standing together, and she wells up with hatred all over again. Peyton notices her and runs over. She says, "Do you think Clare Young's still in shock?" Brooke replies, "Look, Peyton, it was really fun to get caught up in the fun of the weekend and forget about all the crap between us." Peyton agrees; it was fun. "But it doesn't change what you did. Okay, we're not friends anymore. We're just on the same squad." Peyton says, "Brooke, you might not be my friend, but I'm yours. And I'm going to prove it to you." Aw, poor Nathan, he watches all his teammates walk by with their parents. But then he gets into his Mustang, drives off with his hot girlfriend, and heads over to his own apartment. Yeah, that's rough.

Back at Karen's Café, Larry and Karen are reliving the weekend's experiences. Keith comes in and sees the two of them. Karen apologizes for missing their dinner, and then introduces Keith to Larry. They joke with each other about the weekend in front of Keith, and he looks crestfallen; he does his best, but he can't take it. He lies to Karen about his weekend, makes some excuse about having to pick up an oil filter, and bails.

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