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My Life as a Cheerleader

Whitey stands by a sign congratulating him on his five hundredth win. His grin can only be described as "shit-eating."

The montage music continues with Keith cleaning the last of his stuff out of what is no longer his garage.

Brooke puts her trophy on her dresser, takes down a picture of the three ex-friends, tears Luke off, tears Peyton off, and leaves herself in her hands. Then she cries. Yawn.

Luke's at the River Court. He throws a basket and winces. He says, "That's one." And goes to grab the ball for number two.

Nathan ends up alone in his empty apartment, looking around at his bare walls and his rooms not filled up with any furniture, and wonders if he made the right decision.

Next week on One Tree Hill: Many girls scream and bid for Nathan as he rips off his tearaways and opens his shirt. On his chest is written "Boy Toy." Haley looks stunned. Peyton screams, "Whoa!" Haley says she's in love for the first time. Deb says she plans to get "down and dirty" with Dim. Peyton and Nathan end up in the pool, talking about it being "just sex, right." Luke sees them kiss. Oh, and Dan opens up his front door to see Dim in leopard print jockeys, pulling up his pants, and Deb down at, ahem, that level, looking totally dishevelled. Dan says, "Oh, the lawyers are going to love this." Looks like they're continuing the whole tongue-in-cheek fun of this week next week. Let's hope it stays that way for a while, because I can't take any more issues.

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