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My Life as a Cheerleader

Larry Sawyer pulls up to the parking lot the next day in his fire-red American sports car. You know, the one Luke fixed and Brooke washed back in the days when they were all friends. He parks as Karen says to Luke, "Well, I don't want you to think I'm trailing you like some paranoid mother." Luke laughs and tells her that she is a paranoid mother. Brooke walks by, totally ignoring both of them. Karen says, "Still getting the silent treatment?" Luke answers, "Like a mime." Larry and Peyton get out of the impressively cool car. As she closes the door, she says, "With the way you drive this thing, we could have gotten there in forty-five minutes and not deal with this whole bus mess." He teases, "Yeah, but I've got to embarrass you as much as possible in front of your friends to make up for lost time." Aw, he's really kind of sexy-cool, Peyton's dad. He laughs and asks her which one she's dating right now? Peyton rolls her eyes and says, "Try no one!" Heh. Peyton heads over to the cheerleader side of the parking lot, as Whitey introduces Larry to Karen. He calls the pair his "chap-er-ownes." Whitey continues, "A lot of these kids think The Classic's an excuse to party all weekend. It's your job to see that doesn't happen." Whitey walks ahead of them. Karen says, "We don't have a prayer. I used to be one of these kids." Larry jokes, "You? I've got a beer bong in my overnight bag." Are they allowed to say "beer bong" on television? Where's the five-second delay? Who's monitoring the family quality of this show? What is this teaching our children?

Brooke has piles and piles of cheerleading equipment she wants to put on the bus. Woda yells, "I don't care how important this weekend is, people top pom-poms. We can't fit all that stuff on the bus." Nathan and Haley come up behind them. Brooke snaps, "Fine. But you'll be responsible for ten very pissed-off cheerleaders." Nathan tells the coach that he can drive if they're short on space. At first, Whitey doesn't go for it, but Nathan insists he can fit all Brooke's "crap" in the trunk, so Whitey agrees, as long as the "boy" drives right behind the bus. Brooke smiles and smugly thanks Nathan for the help. Nathan's all excited. He says, "Come on, Hails, we'll ride in style." She resists at first, because Lucas is saving her a seat. He retorts, "What? Are you in third grade? Come on! We'll ride in style." He takes off, leaving all the crap he's supposed to be putting in his trunk behind. Haley passes under Luke's window and says, "Hey, I'm going to ride with Nathan. Is that cool?" Luke hides his disappointment, but says it's cool anyway.

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