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Haley walks down the hallway. Who is she rooming with? Does anyone care? Nathan, of course, grabs her and pulls her into his room. They smooch. She says coyly, "You scared me." Nathan tells her that girls aren't allowed in the room, so they have to be covert. And yes, he used a big word like "covert" without any help from Haley. He wants her to hang -- read: "make out" -- but she's got to meet Lucas in the lobby for pizza. Blah empty hotel room, blah raging hormones, blah kissing, blah teenage romance blah. Luke opens the door mid-smooch and stutters, "Oh, sorry, I thought we had plans." Haley says, "We do!" But it's too late, Luke's already got the door closed and is saying something like no worries, never mind, it's no big deal. Haley runs after him, and they stand in the hallway for a minute. Luke tells her that it's really "cool" and that she should go be with her boyfriend. He takes off before she can even get a word in edgewise. Oh, but her lip gloss has magically reappeared from the instant she stopped making out to the second she ended up in the hallway with Lucas. I guess that doorway has a magical lip gloss reapplication mechanism. The camera pauses on Haley's face for a moment as she ponders Luke's strange behaviour.

Karen phones Keith from her hotel room to let him know about the change of plans. Karen explains, "One of the Booster Moms trapped me into chaperoning The Classic, so now I'm in Charlotte." Cut to Keith wearing a brand new shirt he bought for dinner tonight. And I'm shocked that Keith has any more heart left to break. She asks for a rain cheque, and he lies by telling her they were pretty backed up at the shop and he would have cancelled anyway. Karen says, "Okay, I'll see you when I get back?" They say their goodbyes, and Keith rips the shirt apart, glad for the drama of snaps versus buttons.

Back at The Classic, Brooke's complaining about that "little third-rate Britney" pretending not to know her name. For non-best friends, Peyton and Brooke spend a lot of time together. Peyton says, "Are you still obsessing over this? You made out with her boyfriend at camp." Heh. Brooke says defensively, "I didn't know they were dating." Wait for it. Wait for it. The obligatory dig: "Unlike some people." Pause. "And besides, he was a yell leader, he was gay anyway." Heh. Grumpy, bitchy Brooke kicks ass, especially when Peyton, never our favourite character, has been sticking by her like a true friend. The two girls are accosted by Dim, who seems to have caught the man-bangs disease. He says, "Ladies, we're sneaking out after curfew, spread the word, okay?" Brooke grabs Dim's ear and says threateningly, "Tim, stay away from my squad, they need to be fresh for tomorrow." He moans in pain, but gets the point. Turbo Brooke the Squad Leader barrels down upon poor Teresa, whose face is now covered in red spots. Brooke barks, "Teresa, I told you to lay off the chocolate. It's a good thing I have an acne mask." Peyton points out that the spots aren't acne. Teresa says, "It's chicken pox. Karen called my parents. I'm out." She continues under her breath, "Thank God." Brooke proceeds to totally freak out: "Could this get any worse?" Peyton says, "Brooke, it's okay, we'll re-work the routine." Brooke whines, "It's perfectly crafted for ten girls." Peyton says, "Okay, so we'll find a replacement." Brooke: "Okay, genius, so who we gonna ask?"

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