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My Life as a Cheerleader

And cut to Haley saying, "No way." Exactly. Remember, she almost failed gym. Peyton says, "Haley, come on, I made you those flyers for Open Mic night?" Haley squashes her eyebrows together and retorts, "That is weak, you're a born artist. I'm a born klutz; I almost drown in the balls at Chuck E. Cheese." Peyton tells Haley that if they don't find a replacement, they're going to have to forfeit. But haven't they lost every year since grade school? Heh. At least they let Haley keep her wits about her as they put her into these ridiculous excuses for a storyline. Peyton says, "It's important to Brooke. Do you know how terrible it is to be disconnected from your best friend?" Pause. Finally, this note hits Haley where she can feel it. "I really hurt Brooke and I just don't want her to be disappointed again."

Dan Scott arrives at "his" service annex and talks with Matt, the "new" boss. Blah how's it going, blah going well, blah finish up for today, blah finish the rest off tomorrow blah. Dan barks, "Not tomorrow, tonight. We've got a whole new slate tomorrow. What's taking so long?" They pause pointedly in front of Keith, who is staring at a strange computer screen. Matt says, "We're just getting up to speed on the new equipment." Dan looks over at his brother, and you can just feel a condescending lecture coming on. Oh yes, and there's one thing with Dan, he never disappoints; he's always the asshole you imagine he would be. So, he tells Keith he should be taking some classes at night school at the junior college. Keith defends himself by saying that a car is still a car. Dan says, "Any dropout who has taken high school shop knows more about these cars than you do. You should really think about taking that course." Keith takes a deep breath. What's left of his ego has now joined his heart and is sitting in tiny shards at his feet. Keith says, "You should really think about stepping three feet back." Dan says, "If you had gone to college in the first place, you might not have had to get your hands dirty at all." What's wrong with making an honest living? What's wrong with manual labour? Why is it always assumed that people who work with their hands do it because they have little or no other choice? Maybe, just maybe, Keith loves cars and loved to own his own business. Why does Dan always have to rain on his parade?

Karen and Larry do the requisite bed check at curfew. They make some joke about how everything's gone well except for the Tim kid who peed in the ice machine. Um, ew. They decide to grab a cup of coffee and come back for another check at ten. Almost as if the kids are psychic, they all stick their heads out of their doorways minutes after Karen and Larry have exited hallway left. Music To Sneak Out After Curfew By plays as they all race down the hallway, giggling.

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