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The Qi to Lucas's heart

As Haley sings, we transition from one candle-filled setting to another: the café, Karen's house, Dan's house of blackmail (where, incidentally, Nathan's doppelganger appears to be moving), Keith's body shop and its for-sale sign -- cheer up, Keith! The way people on this show use candles, you can always open up a Yankee Candle Company outlet and rebuild your bank account. Anyway, Haley continues singing her Sarah McLachlan song ("Elsewhere," off the Fumbling Towards Ecstasy album. I know this because I wrote a research paper while listening to this album on repeat back in 1994, when all we had were CD drives in our computers. And we were grateful for them! And oddly enough, I burned a lot of candles while writing the paper. Must be the music that does it) and Nathan feigns interest.

We transition to Peyton studying on her bed when Brooke materializes out of nowhere. Rather than scream in surprise, Peyton calmly remarks, "You're out late." Brooke suspiciously says, "Lucky thing, you finding Lucas like that. If you hadn't come along, who knows what might have happened." Peyton misses this passive-aggressive cue to come clean and says instead, "Everything turned out okay." Au contraire, dear. Brooke replies, "No. Not really. I don't know what hurts worse -- you and Lucas sneaking around behind my back, or you lying about it to my face." Peyton gapes for a response, and Brooke continues, "No! The next time you want to steal my boyfriend, you might want to turn [the webcam] off. I went into his room to check on him, and his computer was still on." D'oh! Brooke continues to hammer home how stupid her erstwhile boyfriend and best friend were: "I know you two were together. He meant everything to me, Peyton, and I was ready to [unintelligible] for him if that's what he needed." Brooke, I love that you're smacking down Peyton, but you need to do it at the top of your lungs so I can hear what the deuce you're saying. She finishes, "Now I don't really care if I see either one of you again." Ooh. I heard that. We get a webcam shot of Brooke walking off, and Peyton looking horrified into the camera, and then the camera pulls back to Lucas watching the whole scene. He looks troubled too. Good!

(FYI: tonight's episode featured music by Ben Jelen and Butterfly Boucher. Support your local Big Five record company today, or else all this corporate synergy will have been for nothing.)

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