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The Qi to Lucas's heart

Lucas broods in his feng shui'd room before checking his messages. Sure enough, Peyton called. Lucas grins. And then we go to the river court, where he's slipping out his sling and doing lay-ups until Peyton comes along to play guard. She bounces across the court to him with the ball, and then they mack for a while to the background music until he comes up for air and notices Brooke looking at them with a less-than-thrilled expression. Busted even in his dreams!

Because you know that's what this is. Haley wakes him up -- fortunately, she had the good timing to do so before Brooke let bygones be bygones and took the dream in a damp direction -- and says, "So you broke up with Brooke to be with Peyton." News travels fast in a small town. You think it's traveled to Brooke yet? Lucas asks, "You think that's wrong?' Haley correctly intuits that he doesn't really care what she thinks, and replies, "I'm not in any position to judge. The heart wants what it wants, right?" Yeah, that was the rationale Woody Allen used too, and I'm still kind of creeped out by what his heart apparently wanted. Thanks for ruining Emily Dickinson for me, Woody. And then Haley twists the knife with, "At least Brooke knows the truth now." Lucas doesn't bother to correct her misperception. They make nice, and Haley takes off.

Just as Haley's leaving, Peyton comes in, There's some face-suckage, and after Peyton gets some air, she's all, "I was afraid you were never going to wake up." Lucas suaves it up with, "What? And miss being with you?" They resume making out to unremarkable pop music, and stop so Lucas can guilt-trip her because she didn't visit more. Well, I imagine it wouldn't have gone over well with his girlfriend. Or her best friend. Who just happen to be one and the same! Can betrayal get any more efficient than that? Anyway, Peyton explains that she used Lucas's accident as an excuse to duck the uncomfortable "by the way, it's time for you to begin playing the field, old friend" conversation with Brooke, and Lucas replies that he sulked at Brooke until she intuited that she was being dumped. Peyton asks, "Did you tell her why?" Lucas boasts, "I told her I needed to focus on getting well." Because he needs to bolster his immune system before Brooke lays a new world of hurt on him after she finds out that he stepped out with her best friend and lied to her about his reasons for breaking up. Peyton wants to tell Brooke the rest, and Lucas pleads for time to recover before "we tell her together. Like we said." Then they mack on each other some more before Peyton's cell goes off. She sees that it's her freshly dumped friend calling, but decides that she'd rather snuggle with the dumper than comfort the dumpee.

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