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The Qi to Lucas's heart

The next day, at the most attractively landscaped garage I've ever seen, the writers establish how Keith has no money and it's hurting his business. The background music is appropriately downbeat and broody. Naturally, right after Keith suffers an emasculating experience at the hands of a wholesale supplier, Karen comes along to finish the job. She returns the stuff he left at her house, and says she'll pay him back for Luke's medical bills, in a tone of voice that suggests she's bracing herself for Madame Loisel's life. Keith's all about how it wasn't a loan and he was merely paying for a mistake, and Karen's pulse actually rises above baseline as she points out that his mistake nearly lost her the sullen and duplicitous Lucas. Ah, the blinding force of motherly love.

Meanwhile, Dan tries to get into his old house and discovers that Deb was canny enough to change the locks. So he stands on the stoop and prepares to threaten his wife at the top of his lungs until he notices Nathan standing behind him. So he offers to take Nathan to breakfast, thus flushing Deb out and precipitating a verbal tug of war. Nathan screams, "You're tearing me apart!" and then mourns, "Nobody talks to children." Actually, he tells Deb and Dan to stop it, then breaks the news to them that he has legal rights, and plans to exercise those to decide with whom he will leave.

After the commercial break, Jake's showing up for work. Karen's regained her cool -- not terribly hard -- and she's all, "Please, call me Karen." Jake commences busing tables, but a mere thirty seconds later runs into childcare issues. So he has to take off; the news that he's got a daughter is surprising to Karen --her face actually registers a change of expression -- and he's all apologetic, but he's gotta go. Karen's surprisingly cool about him going, but looks troubled once Jake goes.

And now, the greatest limitation to hit modern television: how to make people typing at a computer look interesting. Believe you me, when Sars and Wing Chun figure it out, they'll be charging extra for it on the site. Anyway, Peyton's drawing her comic, and Lucas IMs her to whine about how bored he is. She dismisses it and goes back to strip-mining her friends' lives for inspiration with a big panel of Brooke weeping while the wording reads, "He said he just wants to be friends." Lucas wants Peyton to come over and draw it because "I love to watch you draw," and evidently, the webcam shot he's got of her isn't doing it for him. Peyton puts him off. Lucas whines some more and watches her on her webcam. Peyton signs off and then stares at the Brooke panel real hard.

Speaking of Brooke, there she is, making Karen uncomfortable by popping in and asking, "Did Lucas tell you we broke up?" Karen replies, "Did Lucas tell you I thought you were nutty?" Oh, she does not. She's cordial. Anyway, Brooke's moved on from feng shui to herbal tea --specifically, herbal teas that are supposed to help people who have had splenectomies. Karen deadpans, "That's very sweet of you." Lucas is ostensibly napping -- if, by napping, you mean "pestering Brooke's erstwhile best friend to come on over and create a really awkward situation" -- and Brooke almost leaves, but then she asks about Karen's scrapbook, and the scrapbooking trend reaches out its pinking-shear-edged tentacles to claim another victim.

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