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Carnival of Carnality

Previously on One Tree Hill: Jake told Lucas that baby Jenny's mom was out of the picture; Brooke surprised Lucas with her mastery of feng shui; Brooke embarrassed Peyton and Haley by having a big meltdown in the shopping mall after Lucas dumped her; Lucas insisted he wants to be with Peyton shortly before passing out; Peyton dumped Lucas after feeling guilty for getting some play behind Brooke's back; Brooke got on her moral high horse and rode out of Peyton's room in high dudgeon. In other words, we have last week's episode, save for one scene. Thank you, Previously Monkeys, for tipping your hand on tonight's plot developments before we even get to the credits.

Speaking of the credits, there they are. I love how the actor who plays Dan is in the credits with the kids, but the actors who play the responsible grown-up characters on the show are all tacked on at the end. It speaks volumes about Dan's peer group, I'm thinking.

So it's the beginning of the school day, and Peyton's about to walk into the school from one direction when she sees Brooke walking toward the door from another direction. She calls out Brooke's name, and Brooke makes a big show of ignoring her by looking directly at Peyton and not saying anything. Peyton stands there and looks a little surprised that Brooke might still be mad at her. Jake comes over right then and asks what's going on, just in case any of the viewers at home haven't been paying attention for the last few weeks and were wondering themselves. Peyton sums up: "Boy meets girl, girl doesn't know what she wants, boy dates girl's best friend, girl ruins everything." Girl also needs to enunciate better: whomever is providing the closed captioning for this show has clearly gotten up to take a break and is letting their cat run across the keyboard until they return, and Peyton's rapid mumbling does nothing to help.

Anyway, Jake asks if there's anything he can do, and Peyton mutters some string of nonsense syllables -- e-nun-ci-ate, dammit! -- and they move on to why Jake looks less adorably amiable than usual. It's because he's working off two hours of sleep on account of Jenny's constant crying the night before. So much for the myth that he's young and immortal. Peyton makes some joke about helping Jenny booze herself to sleep, and then Jake gets around to asking her if she could baby-sit Jenny so he can go to a family wedding downtown. Why not? It's not like she has a boyfriend or a best friend to hang out with. Peyton asks what the pay is, and Jake laconically replies, "An entire night away from all this drama that you got going on?" How can Peyton say no to that? Jake thanks her and walks off.

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