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Dan greets the team in the dressing room with condescending hand-claps. He berates them: "Nice work, ladies, undefeated regular season, conference champs, and it's all for nothing." He stares at Nathan: "Look at me, Nathan, because I want to see your face when you explain to me why you didn't run the play that I told you." He walks the lane between the benches: "Take off that jersey, you don't deserve to wear it, none of you do!" Nathan takes off his jersey. Dan leans in and shouts, "You have an answer for me yet? Because I can wait for it, I've no other place I have to be. And you don't either because you want to know what? Your season is OVER!" Dan continues his tirade: "Why did you disobey me and pass to Lucas when you knew --" Nathan interrupts, "When I knew what, Dad? That Lucas shouldn't have been in that game because of his injury, because we both knew that, didn't we." Luke says quietly, "But I should have hit the shot. It's my fault." Dan says, "You're damn right it's your fault. You let your teammates down. Teammates you shouldn't have had in the first place, by the way." Ouch. And that's cutting it a bit too close. This has turned dirty, and ugly. Nathan defends his brother, for the second time tonight: "At least he took a shot, unlike you." Dan snarks, "What did you say to me?" Nathan stands up: "You heard what I said, at least he took a shot, that's more than you did." Dan faces his son head-on: "I wouldn't go there if I were you." Nathan shouts, "Why not? Lucas was there all game. He played in pain, with an injury you knew about, but he wasn't a coward like you were." Dan snaps, "Tim! Go get security. Tell them my son's been beaten to death." Now, that's nice, threatening your kid with bodily harm just because they're standing up to you when you're actually a big bully and totally in the wrong. ["Pretty funny line, though." -- Sars] Nathan says quietly, but forcefully, "We played hard and we lost. We have nothing to be ashamed of --" And he's totally right there, plus if they won the state championship this year, what on earth would we have to look forward to next year? Nathan rips the "Scott" off his jersey and continues, "Except maybe our coach." Steam runs out of Dan's ears as Nathan walks out of the room; he butts hands with Luke as he exits, and says, "No regrets." Luke butts his hand back. Nate pats his shoulder as he leaves. He gets the award for most character growth this season. You know, with this defeat, Luke looks even more like a pussy for leaving town. Now, it looks like he's ashamed. Silly boy.

Keith comes into Whitey's office after the game to talk to Dan. He says, "It's a tough loss." Dan snarks, "Well, if it isn't the Fredo of the family. How's the unemployment line, Boozy?" Hum. Considering Dan's the one nursing a hard one, I think people in glass houses shouldn't throw shots, especially after taking a winning team and coaching them into the gutter. Oh, right, Dan only knows how to survive by feeding on other people's weaknesses. Keith says, "I just came by to tell you that I'm leaving." Dan plays with the mug: "Really?" Yeah. "So what'd you do with the ring? I mean, if you're finally leaving town after all these years it means that you proposed to Karen and she said no." Wow. He's cold. Dan continues, "What'd you do with the money?" Keith smiles: "I'm driving it, '89 Land Cruiser." Dan tells him that he could have got him a better deal. Um, okay? Whatever. Keith doesn't fall for the bait: "Well then, I'll consider that your goodbye." Keith turns to leave, but Dan calls him back, only as his brother turns around, he changes his mind, and tells him to "never mind." On that note, Keith walks away from that destructive relationship, at least for the summer.

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